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    Veralden ~
    SMS/GG Maintainer
    Finally: A Rant Feb.19,1999
    Strange thing in video games. I'll just go over some I've noticed. 1. Contra: No faces. At all. No enemy has a face, and in every Contra I've played, the hereos never have a face. It is just one color with maybe a bandana.

    2. Final Fantasy Tactics: No noses. Why doesn't anyone have a nose in that game? Would have been so had to draw a nose on the picture? Correction, the people don't have noses. Everyone else does.

    3. Zelda The Ocarina of Time: Freaky noses. Tons of people have really huge noses in that game. It is scary to see a nose that is half the size of someone's head.

    4. Donkey Kong: Is it me, or does he act stupider in each progressive game he is in. His noises are horrible!

    5. Vector Man: He is made of balls that aren't even attached to each other.

    6. Alpha Centauri: A fun game. I recommend it.

    7. All Adventure games: Why do they always start out in a grassland area? Sonic did for the countless ones of that series, Mario games started out on a green area in all but Mario Land 2 for the Gameboy, and the only one to really buck the trend was Donkey Kong Country 2, which started in a ship. That's originality.

    8. Donkey Kong Country 2: Probably one of the best games I have and ever will play. It still looks cool, even today.

    8. Lufia 2: What's the deal with the glitches in that game. I wonder if you could fix those with some liberal Rom Hacking. I finally bought the cartridge on EBay too. Yeah!

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