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    Veralden ~
    SMS/GG Maintainer
    Welcome Founded 02/28/98

    Pro Action Replay Codes

    You try to find Pro Action Replay codes for the Sega Master System! It is HARD. So I have decided to try a collect them into one nice, tidy, resource. So far, BrSMS and Massage can use PAR codes. They are basically a Game Genie type gode that gives you infinite life, power, start on a different level, etc. All of the ones I have found are in the sections below.

    I have added some new codes-Xenon 2, R-Type, Spellcaster, and edited a few more for better descriptions. If you have some, you can send them to pmjohns@mtu.edu

    The whole section is now up. I might have some more to add soon.


    A-E Codes
    F-I Codes
    J-N Codes
    O-S Codes
    Sonic Games Codes
    T-Z Codes

    And since I cannot find these at any place anymore, namely GamePro where they originated, I am putting up all five cheat texts they had. So here is smscheat1.txt, smscheat2.txt, smscheat3.txt, smscheat4.txt, and smscheat5.txt.

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    and some other amount I forgot have entered this section.