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    Games, Utilities & Links

    When looking for ROMs for either the GameGear or SMS units, you will notice that some games have a version avalible on both systems. Keep in mind that GameGear games tend to be stripped down versions of their Master System counterparts. If possible, get the Master System verison of the game if one is avalible: it will have a higher screen resolution for you to view the game on, making it alot easy to see what is going on. And finally, a word to for all you Sonic the Hedgehog nuts out there: you may be disapointed by the gameplay of the Sonic the Hedgehog line of games for the Gamegear/SMS. The Genesis line of these game are so much better, along with other ports. But if you're still curious, I must say again that I highly recommend that you obtain the Master System version of the game over the GameGear version, if avalible.

    Utilities .
    GAWCheat by Zoop
    This works with a copy of the SMS version of Golden Axe Warrior and Massage. That is about it for a comment. You can change your life, and money and other stuff.
    Last Version: 0.3
    Download for DOS (92k)
    Help Documents
    Massacre by Johannes Holmberg
    The one and only Master System ROM editor. It is written in QBasic, but this version isn't too slow. It also can view Game Gear roms, and the sprites are visible, as I did with Phantasy Star Adventure. There is also a C-coded version with less features. The Download link is the .65 version.
    Last Version: 0.65
    Download for DOS (100k)
    Help Documents
    Phantasy Star Save Editor by Johannes Holmberg
    I can't use this one. I don't know why, but it is supposed to alter stats and levels. If I get it to work, I'll update this to reflect that.
    Last Version: 0.99A
    Download for DOS (17k)
    Help Documents
    Sega Tools by The Magician
    Like the version of SNESTool, only with Sega type formats. The usual IPS, split roms, and removing headers. Very good to have, just for what you need to do.
    Last Version: 1.02
    Download for DOS (9k)
    Help Documents
    SMS Check by A.D. Lindsay
    SMSCheck will remove the 512 byte header that might screw up a game, and fix the file so it works properly. It works for both SMS and Game Gear roms. Most emulators don't need this, but if you can't figure out why it doesn't work, try this.
    Last Version: 1.4
    Download for DOS (22k)
    Help Documents
    SMSFix by Ricardo Bittencourt
    SMSFix fixes some improperly dumped games. Very simple. It does help alot if you do have a bad rom, like Alex Kidd in Miracle World. (I think)
    Last Version: NA
    Download for DOS (28k)
    Help Documents
    SMS-PCX by ???
    If you take .pcx snapshots, this will remove the border around the screen, in case you are a webmaster who like to convert things quickly.
    Last Version: 0.05
    Download for DOS (9k)
    Help Documents
    Related Links .

    Sega Emulation World A site dedicated to information about emulation of all of Segas games units, from Sega's line of Arcade machines to the Sega Saturn. They also have a large selection of games to download for the SMS and GameGear!
    Eidolon's Inn A very neat classic SEGA consoles and other neat cool games. Oh yeah! R-Type and Lunar. I almost have an urge to ask him if he wants to move the page to this server.
    EmuCamp A good news site with a lots of stuff about the Sega Master System, since the head guy is a nut about the Sega Master System. He has lots of scans of SMS boxes.
    Rom Sites .

    Sega Master System ROM packs: SMS Pack 1, SMS Pack 2, SMS Pack 4
    (Thanks for the links PinMan.)

    Name unknown: GameGear ROM site - The site has a lot of Game Gear roms.
    Name unknown: SMS ROM site - From the same server, this link has lots of SMS ROM files

    Translations .

    Most translations are for RPG's, and the majority of them are for the SNES, but the Shining Force series and the Phastasy Star Games are the two major project that are being tried.

    Shining Force 3 has a link: Shining Force 3(GG)

    There are also translations for Phantasy Star Gaiden and Phantasy Star Adventure, so as soon as I find those, I will post those.

    Phantasy Star Adventure-Go here for some screenshots.

    Last Updated: 2/9/99