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    Emulator Operation Tips

  • What are in those AOL ROM Packs?
    I wondered that my self, so I whipped up a little rompack.txt to help everyone out. I eve give the size of the file. Aren't I a nice guy?

  • SPEED!
    Massage automatically adjusts the program for the best performance on your PC, but you may not be happy with the values it gives you for defaults. To change it, press F1 and change the value of the slow down to a lower number or increase the value of the number of screens to skip (ex 1/1 to 1/2 or 1/3 etc.)
    The BrSMS emulator is fairly good at deciding what to put the skip on also.
    If it is STILL to slow, you might just have a slow computer. You'll need at least a 486 DX/2 66 to run these emulators porperly. Buy more ram, or just a new computer. You can get a fairly fast computer for $700 from iDot Computers.

  • BrSMS Problems?
    Go to this helpful page, which I don't know where it came from, but it is pretty good.
    BrSMS Help Page

  • Format unknown??
    Never encountered this problem. .gg are in Gamegear format and .sms are in SMS format.

  • They say it will run, but I been having no luck. :(
    Is the image legitimate? Try running SMSCHECK to see if its legitimate or not. If it doesn't work, try running it on another emulator. If it still fails to run, try running the 512-byte header remover. It's possbile that your ROM came straight from a ROM copier. From what I read, the most popular one adds a 512-byte "header" to the ROM copy. Why, I don't know. This just creates problems for emulators not use to adjusting for this header.

  • Joystick questions
    You can use a SNESPad connected to the LPT port for the BrSMS, but I don't know how to do this, nor will I try. All allow most joypads, and BrSMS seems to work the best. For some you will get the buttons in different places than usual, but you can usually adjust. And the keyboard layouts are really bad, so go to Office Max when they have a rebate for the cost, and buy one for the cost of a stamp.
    If you are really fancy, you can get a programmable gamepad, like ones made by Gravis. They crashed my system (sorry, I mean Windows or Explorer), so there is only four options: none, a SNESPad, a programmable pad, or a regular one. I recommend a regular one. And as a warning, the Sidewinder GamePad has no DOS mode playability, so the emulator has to specifically support it with home-made DOS drivers.

    Last Updated: 01/03/99