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  • PC Equivilents

    While it may be some time until the emulators run games proberly, 100% working versions for the PC exist. In mainly cases, your better off buying the PC version then screwing around with an emulator that bearly works. Here's a list games that are avalible on the PC.
    Please note: if the title of the game is underlined, then it can be downloaded.

  • Sonic CD for the PC - The Sega CD version was great, and the PC version does recreate some of that greatness. Well worth a try!
  • Mortal Kombat - Well, the Sega CD version was pretty good compared to the Genesis version, except for the load time. The PC verson has clean graphics, okay sounds, but try to execute a Fatality on a keyboard!
  • The Secret of Monkey Island - The Sega CD verson is EXACTLY the same as the PC version except the load times are longer. The Monkey Island series is, in my opinion, the best adventure series ever so don't pass this title up!
  • Dragon's Lair - It's FMV, but it's okay...I haven't played the Sega CD or PC version, but I'm betting they're about the same.
  • Earthworm Jim - The Sega CD verson has some extras that the PC version doesn't have, and the graphics are about the same on both.
  • Ecco the Dolphin - This game is a classic be it on Genesis, Sega CD, GameGear, PC or otherwise!
  • Microcosm - Avoid this game at all costs...a better name would be "Virtual Anal Probe"...FMV crapfest!
  • Pitfall:The Mayan Adventure - One of the first Windows 95 native games, the Sega CD verson was ultimately better but the PC version is still great.
  • Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1&2 - These games SUCK, hehe, no shit sherlock!
  • Slam City with Scotty Pippin - The Sega CD version sucked...it's a game where it asks you what you want to do next and then shows a little FMV of you doing that...the PC version is only notable for the number of disks it spans (6, I believe).
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault - The PC version of the game has better color and cleaner videos, but it isn't much different than it's little Sega CD cousin. An OK game.
  • Space Ace - From the same people who brought you Dragon's Lair here's the same concept based in the future rather than the past. Whoopty doo...not a keeper.
    Demos possibly coming in the future.

    Last Updated: 08/09/98