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    Due to the complicated nature of the Sega CD's 68000 chip running simultaneously with the Genesis' chip at the same Mhz and the fact that Sega didn't yet have a development website open on the Internet for hackers to swipe valuable tech info off of (did someone say Saturn?) the Sega CD has yet to be emulated to the point of games actually executing. I still have hopes that someone with an iron will and a lot of spare time will reverse-engineer the Sega CD in order to make an emulator for it. Until then, we can only watch these brave authors try what is thought to be the impossible. To make things easier, we no longer show abandoned Sega CD emus.

    Joseph Fenton's General Sega Emulator by Joseph Fenton Last Version: none
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Joseph Fenton, creator of Fusion, the Macintosh emulator, has started development of a general Sega emulator supporting Genesis, 32X, and Sega CD. We are going to see results very soon with this pro on the job, and I'll keep this page updated with info on it's progress. The emulator is currently planned for the PowerPC platform for both Power Macintosh and AmigaPPC. An i386 compiled DOS version may be ported after the PowerPC release.

    CDX1 Emulator by Eek Last Version: .4
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    It's Eek of 32Xulator fame, now he's moved onto Sega CD emulation. As of version .4 there isn't much the emulator can do, however version .5 should be able to run the Sega CD Bios! I have high hopes for this project. Eek has also informed me that he will be adding 32X support later on in the emu's development. I will keep you informed on this CDX1's progress.

    Next Level by Christian Fowler Last Version: .23? [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    The Sega CD portion of Christian Fowler's has been delayed for now, however the Sega Genesis 32X version is still alive and work continues on it. This project to emulate all of the older Sega systems hasn't been entirely in vain, the GameGear/Master System emulation is complete and part of the Genesis and 32X emulation also. An early version was released a while ago that would load part of the Sega CD game inserted and create a log file of the events that occured when doing so. Then you were to send in the log files for different games to help them make the emulator. So many people sent in log files that the team had to tell people to stop sending them (I myself sent in 5 logs). The program also loaded the Sega CD Boot Rom, if you were sneaky enough to get it (was hard back then), but it wouldn't let you do anything more with it. The emu has a nice little GUI with some cool little effects built in.

    Synergy by Orbmaster and Killabite Last Version: none
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    This emulation project was just started and some work has been done on it. At this time the future of the emulator doesn't seem too bright, as I don't think the authors know what they're up against, but I'd love them to prove me wrong! I'll be keeping an eye on the project, stay tuned for updates.

    Hybrid's Sega CD Emulation Project by Hybrid Last Version: none
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Hybrid's Sega CD emulation project is a new project started in light, probably, of Eidolon's discovery of the original Sega CD patents, which answers the hardest questions about the dual 68ks' syncronicity. Hybrid's project is different than other emulation projects because he doesn't plan to emulate all of the games with an all-purpose Sega CD emulator. He's going to take the MAME approach and emulate the games one by one. He says he will start with Tomcat Alley. I wish him the best of luck.

    Semu by Atani Last Version: Version 1 (doesn't use version #'s)
    [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    This project hasn't been going on long, but Atani has already posted screen shots, inlcuding on of the title screen for Lunar: Eternal Blue. He has also released versions of his emulator, however none of them can make such screen shots. I think this emulator is a fake! There are 3 screen shots on his site 1 with text loading the game and then two screen shots, the bios screen and the Lunar: Eternal Blue title screen. The first, where it shows the emulator loading, is a very clean and clear image, whereas the two others look exactly like poorly captured composite images from a Snappy. I think that if Atani actually releases and emulator that will show these screens, it won't be an EMULATOR, but rather a SIMULATOR, simply showing static images from the bios screena and then a title screen. Atani assures me this is not so, but seeing as how no source code will be released, I am very sceptical. The versions can be found in the downloads section.

    Last Updated: 11/26/98