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    Semu: 3-Pack
    This is Atani's suspicious Semu Sega CD emulator. This zip file contains all three programs that Semu is comprised of.
    More emulators as they are released!


    Lunar: The Silver Star
    This .ZIP file includes all of the CD file content (except CD audio tracks) in RAR v2.00 format and the Boot Image for the game. This file is PERFECTLY legal if you have the original CD. These files will be taken down at the request of Working Designs / Sega or the developing party.
    More games coming soon!

    Game Sites:

    Eidolon's Inn Sega CD Page
    Eidolon's Inn is an excellent source for CD Images, Sega CD Boot Roms and technical info!
    Want more? Check out my Rom Site List for more links.


    SegaCD Max
    Wacko and I have got tons of E-Mail about this product, and here's the straight dope. The site is no longer up, I don't know why. While the site was up, this product was listed as "coming soon". There has been much debate over how such a program could be possible, but as some Sega CD information remains sketchy, no one really knows. The program was supposed to allow you to burn Genesis ROMs to a CDR and then play them on your Sega CD. Keep on looking for Japanese "semi-legal" importers to seek out such software.
    More on the way!

    Related Links:

    Eidolon's Inn Sega CD Page
    A multitude of interesting Sega CD files and info.
    More coming soon!

    Last Updated: 08/21/98