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    CDX & 32X Can it work?!?

    Perhaps the greatest Sega conspiracy I've ever seen. The 32X and CDX compatibility conspiracy goes on and on, with new opinions being made all the time. Let's start from the begining, shall we? =) The CDX and the 32X came out only about a year apart. When the 32X came out it had a sticker slapped on it that said "COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SEGA GENSIS SYSTEMS EXCEPT THE CDX". However, on the inside instructions, it shows a way of installing the 32X with the CDX using a special CDX spacer (used for the sole purpose of allowing the CD lid to open fully). This adapter was told to me not to be ever made available. Well, this poses an interesting question, can the two be used together?!? The CDX has all of the proper outputs to allow for a 32X, and the cartridge slot fits the 32X. So can it be done? Another issue is interference from the 32X burning out the CDX. Well, NO CARRIER and I (Auston) both have CDXs and 32Xs, so we decided to ask Sega some questions. I was first to ask a Sega rep, and got an answer that the CDX and 32X were originally intended to be compatible, but the FCC said that there were too many processors too close together. I hooked my CDX up to my 32X and played for an hour, and it worked perfectly, no smoke, no fritzy picture. So then NO CARRIER (Andrew) talked to Sega and was told that prolonged use of the CDX and 32X together could cause you not be able to use the CDX's cartridge slot without the 32X and advised him to use shielding plates to insure that the 32X and CDX would be safe. Andrew and I have both been using our CDXs with our 32Xs and have still be able to use the cartridge slot without the 32X and without the use of additional shielding. So, is it safe? Probably, but using some shielding is a good idea, as the CDX isn't replaceable, and costly to repair.

    Last Updated: 08/09/98
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