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    Neo-Geo Classics . .
    Along with the Classics for Neo-Geo, you find Classic BAD Games. These are just HORRIBLE!
    The Classic Games ------------The Classic AWFUL Games
    Defining BAD, this game was made with the SGI workstations which made Donkey Kong. The first few screens(Title, character select, so on) make you think you have a GREAT game on your hands. Then the truth comes out. When you play, Its Choppy as hell, You can't ocntrol it, and it even LOOKS like any other Neo-Geo Fighting game! The Graphics are ok, but they are NOT up to any standards of the Neo-Geo.(This Fighting Game is almost as bad as Lobo for the Genesis -almost- :)
    Double Dragon
    Taking "crap" to a new level, DD is another fighting game made in-house by SNK. Ouch is all the words I could come with it. Another word is "sucks." This game could have been good, although it had to star the people from the DD film(yuck) The contol is good, but there is just NOT much to do. You fight(with about 3 moves), you watch an intro, fight, intro, so on. If only they made a remake of the original....
    Have any more BAD games? Send to