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    Neo-Geo Accessories:

  • Neo*Geo Memory Card - Compatible with both the cartridge system and the arcade system, this allows you to take save game from home for play in the arcades.
  • Neo*Geo Original Home Arcade Joystick - The original joysticks are by far the best, they are huge and are high-quality, firmly constructed joysticks, pack in for the cartridge system.
  • Neo*Geo NewStyle Joystick - Current Joystick model for cart and CD systems, smaller, less stable and easier to break, but still high-quality, contoured for Neo*Geo CD
  • Neo*Geo CD Joypad - Excellent digital joypad for Neo*Geo CD (pack-in). Precise, high-quality and durable, a good choice for players of all levels.
  • Neo*Geo Compat. 3rd Part Arcade Stick - From Innovation, and excellent and sturdy stick. Arcade quality and made from arcade parts, compatible with many systems and includes 2 custon foam grips.
  • Neo*Geo Composite (RCA) Cable (stereo) - Provide and adequate picture on any TV with composite inputs.
  • Neo*Geo S-VIDEO (SVHS) Cable (stereo) - Provides a near perfect image on any television that has an S-VIDEO input.
  • Neo*Geo Analog RGB Cable - Provides a PERFECT image on any analog RGB monitor, and compatible with the XRGB-1 or 2 for viewing on a computer monitor.

    More soon!
    Last updated: 10/10/98