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    Welcome to the World of Neo*Geo Emulation. For your convenience, and mine, I've decided to erase all of the stupid, weak, no good, dropped, delayed, non-existant, author's in a coma emulators and just have the ones with real promise or actually plays games.

    KBMAME - It is similar to NeoMAME, but this adds 16-bit color support to games and is very compatible. Also very fast if you have a PII or an AMD chip.
    Download KBMAME Assembly version
    Download KBMAME AMD Version
    Download KBMAME PII/PIII Version

    NeoCD - a new NeoCD emulator, this is the only emulator that can run NeoCD games right now. It still needs work, but is worth a try if you want to see this emulator progress.
    Download Neo-CD Version .45 Beta

    NeoGEM - the newest Neo-Geo emulator, this can run many games. Its worth a try to watch THIS one develop, too.
    Download NeoGem .002

    NeoRAGE - The best Neo-Geo Emulator as of date, this emulator has it all(except NeoCD support). Games run full speed on my p200, which is good :). The DOS version is discontuned, but the Windows is a work in progress. Right now NeoRage has the MOST EXTENSIVE joystick support.
    Download NeoRAGE Dos Version *Discontuned*
    Download Windows 95/98 version of NeoRAGE (version .5b)
    Download NeoRAGE Upgrade to .6b

    NeoMAME - Neo MAME is a great emulator, much like KBMAME, but NeoMAME is much futher in development.
    Download NeoMAME .36beta3revision2