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    Neo-Geo Classics . .
    Remember the classics that started the Genre of ARCADE FIGHTING? Just look to Neo-Geo.
    The Classic Games ------------
    The Classic AWFUL Games
    Fatal Fury
    One of the games that shaped the industry, Fatal Fury had three innovations over Street Fighter 2.
  • 2 Independently Planes of Travel(You can go in 2 backgrounds)
  • Boss Characters you can pick (By code, but it was a start)
  • Much, MUCH better colors than SF2.
    This game basically shaped more SNK fighters, but it IS a classic, and was ported to over 4 systems, but some were just TERRIBLE(Genesis).
  • Samurai Showdown
    A GREAT Game, made from the fact that Samurai games were NOT realistic. This game started a trend of 3, and made the Neo-Geo a much-wanted console system. This, like fatal fury, had 3 innovations:
  • Scaling enhanced over Art of Fighting
  • More Combos, more moves, more animation
  • Blood. Nuff Said.
    This was a genre-shaper too, the game just made the Fighting(well, along with Mortal Kombat) more bloody.
  • Art of Fighting
    Started the Neo-Geo game trend of Scrolling backgrounds. also, this was a breakthough in Neo-Geo games. (Heck, most games copied this one, except for the Fatal Fury and some other less-known titles) Three innovations :)
  • Scaling Background introduced.
  • Training more where you can pick games
  • Mini-Combo System
    Major shaper of Neo-Geo, even BAD fighting games (Ranagard) used its style.
  • King of Fighters
    The complation of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. GREAT G A M E! Hmm.......3 innovations....
  • 2 games in one, Art of fighting and Fatal Fury
  • Much more advanced combo system
  • Cleaner, faster graphics
    Innovation, not really, but it is a great game spread over 3 years. If you an find one, try it out!
  • If you have a great classic game for me to show, e-mail me at