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The Genesis
Sega unleased the Genesis system in the states in 1989 and it became it's only star performer. The 16-bit Motorolla 68000 chip was a standard processor for 16-bit machines of the time, it's GPU had some good effects, but nothing spectacular, and it's APU could rattle out some funky techno beats. Sega got massive 3rd party developer support from it's superior 16-bit technology, and viable price. NEC's TurboGrafix 16 came out to rival the Genesis' glory, but it was no match for the well established Genesis. Even Nintendo's SNES, contrary to popular belief, was not a real "winner" of the 16-bit console wars. Although it came out on top in the end, the Genesis was much better established and around for a lot longer than the SNES. In it's lifetime, the Genesis had some EXCELLENT titles. All of the Sonic games, Herzog Zwei, the Streets of Rage series, and all the other classic. Genesis emulation is more of a science than an art now, so almost every game is playable!

Genesis Sections

  • Accessories
  • Emulators
  • Emul. Operation Tips
  • Genedit
  • PC Equivelents
  • Screen Shot Comp.
  • Translations
  • Tech. Resource Info.
  • Utilities
  • And Finally...

    Console Sections

  • 32x
  • Gameboy
  • GameGear
  • Genesis
  • N64
  • Neo-Geo
  • NES
  • Playstation
  • SNES
  • Sega-CD
  • Master System
  • Turbo Graphics 16

    Feature Sections

  • Blaster Master U.G.
  • Console Necessities
  • Emulation.h(e)lp
  • EMULinks
  • Front Ends Central
  • Game Skins
  • Hosted Projects
  • Message Board #1
  • Ningendo
  • Rare ROMS Page
  • Sonic HeadQuarters
  • Sonic Stuff Research
  • Suggested Links
  • Translation Central
  • Mtek RPG Facility
  • V. Gaming FanFare
  • W E M U
  • Ynt Tranlators

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    Genesis Emulation Sections

    Accessories - Toys for your toys: a listing of add-ons available for the unit.

    Emulators - A section that reviews each emulator and discusses the pros and cons of each emulator from A to Kyoto

    Emulator Operation Tips - Having trouble running the latest and greatest emulator? Read this document of tips and advise. It contains answers to the questions I get asked the most. (It could even save you some headache.)

    EMULinks - Games, game sites, translations, you name it. If it deals with the Genesis and it can be downloaded, then it's in here.

    Genedit - Genedit, yup we host it =)

    PC equivilents - A listing of quality console based games ported to the PC.

    Technical Resource Information - Are you an emulator author looking for technical related information concerning this unit? Look no further (out of site link =) )

    Translations - Genesis game translations.

    Tutorial - Genesis emulation tutorials.

    Utilities - Utilities, like Savegame Editors and Others.

    And Finally... - Techincal Specs YOU can understand. Because I made one for SNES, i figured I'll make one for Genesis.

    Quick Specs List:
  • Max. resolution: 320 X 224
  • 512 color pallet
  • (64 on screen)
  • Sound System:
  • Sterio Audio system
  • FM-based sound
  • 8-bit audio samples

  • Other
  • Main Processor: 68000 (16-bit)
  • Co-processor: Z80
  • Sound Chips: Ym2612 and Ti PSG
  • Ram: 64k (Plus 64k Ram for sound)
  • Max Cart Size:
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