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    March Updates


    Added "EarthBound" to Classic RPG's
    Thank you for teh 100's of e-mails about this game :) I have made a short review and a screenshot for it, and have Enshrined it on page 4.
    The Classic RPG's Page

    PS. Uploaded new Screenshot Here


    Added "RoboTrek" to the classic RPG
    Thank you for the request, I played the game, and its a nice RPG :) I added it to the Classic RPG Page :)
    CLassic RPG Main Page

    Fixed Some Nagging Links on the PSX Page...:)
    Going into broader waters, I'm fixin probs with the psx page links. The Staff, mainly me, NO CARRIER, and Sep :)
    Give Apologies for this problem. The Links on the side of the page were not working. This has been fixed.


    Article "Console Emulation & Its Impact" released
    This article was written for one of my classes at college. I waited a few months before releasing this article to let the info I had in there settle down. You can view the article
    here. Much of the 'Zone staff have viewed this report and everyone that read it loved it. It's an interesting article and anyone out there that enjoyed The Scribes EMUFAQ document will love this article.



    Revamped Classic RPG
    Do to all e-mails, visits, and plain support of this Place in my SNES page, I have re-vamped it with a MUCH NEEDED layout, and Pictures :)

    Screenshots FINALLY.......:)

    Snes Main Page
    Classic RPG Main Page



    Link to Savesate Archives Fixed
    This completely caught me by surprised. I screwed-up the links to the
    Save state archives such that they were pointing to nothing. That error has now been corrected. However, as a result, many people have though that the those sections of the 'Zone had just faded out of existance. These sections are very much alive and I encourage you to give them a visit.

    Whohoo! FINISHED, finally the Programming on the Genesis Pages....WHOHOO!
    Finally got the programming pages done at
    The Genesis Main Page
    Whohoo! :)



    Wow....Finally added Midi's on SNES page, and also new screenshot :)
    Eh, I see that school is hard :) I'v been tryin to update as much as possible, and so far I'm gettin there.....gettin back into things after a long wait......:)