Console Emulation & Its Impact
By Andrew Wolan

An unbiased view of the spread of console emulation from an insider's perspective.

  • Abstract - Breif introduction to the presentation.
  • Slides - The slides used in my presentation, in PowerPoint97 format. Also includes the two UltraHLE slides I did not get to cover in my lecture due to time.
  • 15 page research paper: Word97 Format - HTML Format
    Comments: According to the responses I received from my presentation, many people wanted to know more about the legal issues behind emulation. Therefore, extra emphasis was placed on this matter to answer any lingering question people might have. Due to size/time considerations, I did not write-in as much technical information on emulation as I planed initially. Refer to the last few frames of the slide if you want some information.

    Supplimental Information
  • (New) Bleem Article Here's an article I just received via email concerning the on going legal battle between Sony and the authors of the commerical Playstation emulator bleem!. I take it that it's from one of their spokespersons. It looks a little like a propaganda attempt to me, but it should give you some insite on their position on this matter.
  • Legalities of ROM image/Software Distribution - An outdated doc that talked about the legalities of ROM images creation and distribution. It's somewhat dated, but it makes for an interesting read.
  • Mario 64 Screen shot- A screenshot of Mario64 with UltraHLE. The wireframe option within UltraHLE was enabled to show that it was not taken from the N64 itself. (TGA format)
  • (New) Screenshot Comparison - A quick page I made to show the similarities in graphical quality between a console game played on the actual console and on a emulator. (By request.)

  • (New) Article on ROM image Distribution - Here's an article about a student in Japan who is facing legal action for distributing ROM images over the net.

  • If enough people request it, I will post the schematics for a simple SEGA Genesis ROM reader that I will be building this winter break. (You will have to wait until after final at the earliest!)

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