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    Save State Archives

    One of the greatest things about console emulation is the ablility to save the progress that you have made in a game, and then sharing it with others! The web is full of savestate archives for various systems. For a complete listing, go to our EmuLinks section our mini archive listing. On this page, you will find a listing of save state archives native to the 'Zone.

    There are four generial types of save states:
    1. Movie - A recording of the input and output into a game based at a fixed state within the game.
    2. Savestates - A dump of the state of the system being emulated at a particular part in the game.
    3. SRAM - The actual contents of the games saved onto the game cart itself via SRAM.
    4. cheats - Game Genie patches, etc.

  • LrdChaos's NeoRage Savestate Archive - The web's first! NeoRage format save states. (.DAT)

  • NEVERMIND8's NESticle Movie Archive - The web's first and original NESticle format movie file archive! Over 150 Nesticle format movie files (.NSM) to choose from!