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    TG16 Game of the month 
    Shock Man
    Name: shockman 
    Year: 1992 
    Type: Platform 
    Developer:  ncs 

    Psyco Meter®

    Game Play:7  
    Graphics: 7  
    Sound: 7  
    challange: 8  
    Fun Factor: 7

    Download Shockman(283k) 
    Overview:  Shockman is a side scrolling shootem up that is sure to provide many hours of enjoyment! 
    Ever wounder why megaman never made its way to the turbo grafx?well heres the closest thing to a good old mega man game!Shock man a megaman clone looks and plays just like megaman with 2 characters to chose from and a slew of robots to fight  except the boss's there a little bit different from mega man..alot different! big bad and nasty! any way give it a download and see what i mean =) 

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