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    Games, Download & Links (Oh My!)
    There is a small, but highly repectable library of games for the Turbo Grafx 16. It was on of my favorite reason because i was the only one i knew of all my friends who owned one..hehe..dare to be different! and it truly was a cool system i enjoyed many hours of game play on it,though not as popular as genesis or snes it did hold its on in the fun factor...i think so.. Any way here are some links to every tg16 rom i could get a hold of "note these roms are not on emucentrals servers"but off of my old site..all of the links do work and shouldnt go down....i havnt finished linking to all the roms yet but they should all be posted with in the next few weeks!
    PLEASE! do not link to these roms!
    if you would like to add these roms to your site down load them and upload them your self! added bandwidth caused by leeching files will cause us to loose our archive and we wouldnt want that..
    would we?

    Games: E m u C e n t r a l s TG16 Archive 


    Want more? Check out my Request page for more tg16 games. 

    Game Sites: 

    The Dump - The original source for Turbo Grafix 16 Roms images.  
     Daves Classics  another awsome site full of tg16 roms! 
    Want more? Check out our Rom Site List for more links. 

    Front Ends: 

    If remembering the commands to run a emulator is too confusing for you, try a program called a Front End. It's basically a little menuing system that assists you by helping you select what options you want to have when you run the emulator. It may help you out. 
  • [EmuRunner97] - A universal front end for Win95.
  • [Game Menu] - A universal front end for DOS based emulators.
  • [Surface] - A front end for Callus, KGen, Nesticle, Magic Engine and SNES9X. 
  • [Ultimenu]- Another universal front end for DOS based emulators
  • [WinPCE v1.8] - A neat little windows based emulator with many useful options and features. Oh, you may need this too: vbrun300.dll
  • Translation Sites: 

    Sometimes, a game manufacture will, (for on reason or another,) releases a game only to one part of world and either give the the rest of the world a differnet version of that game or no version at all! But now with the widespread popularity of the net, versions of popular games like FF3 found only in other countries can now be downloaded of the web and played on you machine at home. The only problem is, most of these games are in another language! Fortunatly, a few groups of people have worked together to translate these games to english or some other lanuage so the rest of us can understand what we are playing. 

    SonSon 2 
    Wonderboy 2V 


    [CARTxxx Utilities] - Can be used to extract info from Genesis, SNES, GameBoy, and TG-16 carts and to check to see if they are corrupted. 
    (Released: ?/??, size: 170k, DOS) 

    [Magic Engine Header Tool] - Helps you organize your ROM images. 
    (Released: ?/??, size: 170k, DOS) 

    [Magic Kit] - An assembler for the PCE: Now you can program your own demos and games. 
    (Released: 3/98, size: 83K, DOS) 

    [ROMEDIT] - A program that lets you edit the text within games. Currently, ROMEDIT supports NES, SNES and Gameboys ROMS and claims to even work for Genesis and TG16 ROMS. 
    (Released: ?/?, size: ?.?k, DOS) 

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    Last Updated: 09/03/98