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    Emulation Operation Tips
    1. SPEED!

    2. The author of Magic Engine says that a Pentium 100 is the bare minimum. If you have something less, then try this: 

      If the game runs too slow, try increasing the number of frames to skip. 
      In Magic Engine, this is simple. The F1, F2, F3 and F4 keys changes the frame rate to 100%, 50%, 33% or 20% of normal frame rate, respectivly. This is done within the emulator, so no fancy command lines are needed. 

    3. No joystick support??

    4. You must have a "le cheapo" game pad. Magic Engine supports 4-button controllers. 
    5. Format unknown??

    6. All files currently supported must be in .PCE format. 
    7. They say it will run, but I been having no luck. :(

    8. The author says 16 games will not work; (Possibly more.) They are: 
      - Legendary Axe 1&2 (*)
      - Darius Plus [no weapon sprites]
      - Valkyrie No Densetsu
      - Volfiev
      - College Pro Baseball '89&'90
      - TV Sports Football
      - USA Pro Basketball (*)
      - Naxat Open
      - Power Drift [freezes after the first race]
      - Metal Stoker
      - Super Volleyball (*)
      - Fighting Run [wrong sprite gfx]
      The ones with a "*" will run by pressing the "TAB" key on your keyboard when the game frezes. Some other games will work by pressing the "TAB" key when the game has just been loaded by the emulator. 
      If this is not the case, try passing the ROM image though Cartxxx to see if it is legitimate or not. 
    Last Updated: 08/16/98