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    SNES Maintainer
    Super Nintendo SuperFX: The high quality 3-d graphics...PLEEEZ :) . .
    Nintendo and the ill fated cd-rom deal had made developers angry. What can they do to drive the SNES to new heights? The great SuperFX chip, thats what!
    The Great 3-D Chip
    EH, This chip was ok, but not even close to the power of the c4 chip Capcom made, in my opinion. The Super FX chip is capable of handling 10000 polygons a second and runs at 8.12 MHz(WOW....considering the Voodoo4 can do 200-300Million Polygons:) It also used Gourad shading, a form of shading which DOESNT use a texture for objects(later revisions of this chip gave some power to do that....Doom for instance) It also cost over $20 bucks....which gave developers a bad problem: Can we afford it?

    Pitfalls of 3-D

    You COULD say that it had no 3-d polygon power, because when the playstation came out, it had over 100 time better polygon pushing power(about 300,000)....and that was in 1995. SuperFX WAS made in 1994, and should have gone into development more, or it might just have been VERY popular, like the DSP used in Mario Kart and Pilotwings.

    SuperFX-Enhanced games

    Here are the super-fx enhanced games which were released(and a few which werent)
  • Starfox
  • Vortex
  • Stunt Race FX
  • Doom
  • Starfox 2(WANTED IT SOOOOOOO BADLY...Sigh)
  • Super Mario World 2, Yoshis Island
  • Super Mario World 3(a very early game which never made it through because of the n64 fiasco)
  • Super Mario RPG (It does....barely)
  • DKC (It uses a toned-down version for it)\
  • DKC 2 (same half-superfx)
  • DKC 3 (same)


    Why Nintendo, why? Why didn't you make a chip which was cheaper and would work in more games? Sigh.......Nintendo is not a very good Hardware developer(It partners for it), its a PHOMENON developer. Remember the N64? Remember how it was supposed to have GAMES for it? THATS a phomenon.