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    Utilities . .
    If you know of any other utilities that could be listed here please email me here.

    Utility name


    File size


    GAW Cheat

    Golden Axe Warrior for Master System savegame editor 7 Kb


    GameGear to Genesis / Megadrive Convertor

    Converts GameGear ROMs to ones that can be used with a Genesis / Megadrive emulator or cartridge copier. 6 Kb


    Massacre C version

    ROM editor for the Master System and compatibles. 138 Kb Yes

    Massacre QB version

    ROM editor for the Master System and compatibles. More complete but slower Q-Basic version. 92 Kb Yes


    An editor for Phantasy Star backup images. 17 Kb No

    Sega Tool

    Excellent Sega ROM editor. 9 Kb No

    SMS Check

    Checks and fixes Master System ROMs. 22 Kb No

    SMS Fix

    Repairs badly dumped Master Sytem ROMs. 26 Kb Yes


    This will remove the border around the screen found in emulator PCX screenshots. 9 Kb No


    The definitive Meka theme editor. 63 Kb Yes