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    GameGear / Master System Emulators . .

    These emulators are all designed to run in DOS or Windows. Visit Archaic Ruins for emulators that will run on different operating sytems. The best emulators of the lot are Meka, BrSMS and Massage, all having over 90 % compatability. Don't just take my word for it, check out this list for a full compatability chart : Sega 8 Bit Chart. The reviews here are the work of Veralden, I will be updating these in the next couple of weeks.

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    The Brazillian Master System Emulator ! Now it emulates the Game Gear, the Master System, and the SG1000, plus it does a lot of things for the Master System that other emulators don't, with 3D emulation of Space Harrier and other neato things. It also runs on a 486 very quickly, since it is coded in assembly. More tweaks in the last release, and more games and a wierd new system are now playable. BrSMS mainly lacks a decent GUI, which some people will not like. The other problem I find is that ESC restarts the game, and F10 goes to the menu. I think it is some type of Brazilian thing. Most other emulators have those switched, so if your not thinking, you restart your game. Other than that, it is a very good emulator. It has some good added features, and up to 4 PAR codes. With the addition of Game Gear emulation, this is a good one. Now, with the Parrot engine that blends the colors, somegames look even better than before. And as a note to the Parrot Engine, do not play it on text intensive games, as the blurry text will make your eyes go bonkers. For non-RPG style games, use it if it is as fast as before.
    1.21r 107 Kb



    Review coming soon ...
    Beta Build 009 240 Kb


    GGFan Plus

    Like SMSFAN Plus, it costs 2000 yen to register and the demo has the directional buttons disabled. I believe it isn't worth it, there is better ones, unless you really like Japanese and Windows. It looks nice, and loads my test games, Sonic 1 and Phantasy Star Gaiden run very nicely, but since you can't use the direction pad, I can't tell you how good it works other that the Sonic 1 demo part runs nicely.
    1.09 53 Kb Yes


    Massage has mainy useful features, like a gamesave option, screen capture capability, joystick support, Pro Action Replay support, and its own GUI, which is a little tricky to master at first. This has a shareware version 0.9, but he is not accepting anymore payments for it. Strangely, he was supposed to release it to the public, but that was a lon time ago. No news lately. This is a pretty good emulator, except that it is most likely finished being worked on. The GUI is simple but easier to use than any of the other DOS emulators. There is a front end for the Massage also, MassagePad. It has support for Pro Action Replay codes, which you can find at my P.A.R.chive. Sonic 1 and Phantasy Star Gaiden work and have the right speed, but sometimes some bad music.
    0.80 108 Kb Yes


    According to the homepage, it has most of the things that BrSMS does, minus a few things but it does have a good interface.
    1.0 203 Kb Yes


    MEKA, for what I have played on it, is very good, on par with BrSMS in compatibility and has some decent sound when you don't get buffer overflow errors from choosing the wrong sound card. Grr... I'll have a complete review of it up soon. It has a swanky GUI, so if you like them alot, use this one. I like both this one and BrSMS.
    0.30 359 Kb Yes


    This is a Game Gear emulator made by the team behind DBOY, all documentation and the homepage is in Japanese so I can't tell you much more for he time being.
    0.13 91 Kb Yes

    SMSFan Plus

    It is another shareware program by Maechiko, and has the same crippled directional pad. This is also for Windows, and it runs most games. It is basically the same emulator as the GGFan Plus, so don't expect too much different from this one. It acts the same as GGFan Plus. Phantasy Star and Sonic 1 run, and look like they are supposed to.
    1.10 55 Kb Yes

    SMS Plus

    This emulator has been update to Version 0.6.8 ! I haven't played around with it yet, so I will fill that in soon. Download it and try it out. It has improved compatibility and a speed up for Pentium computers. If you are starting out, choose BrSMS or Massage. A word to the wise on this emulator, it doesn't seem to have any slowdown processed in, so on my PII-350, game literally fly. The music isn't too great, but it works and has auto-fire buttons, which I think is unique for SMS/GG emulators. Sonic 1 and Phantasy Star works, albeit too fast for my liking.
    0.7.a 202 Kb Yes

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