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    Latest News
    10/09/99 Calypso 009 beta build released and added to the Emulators section. Here is what's new :
  • Now if the emulator doesn't find an Adlib sound card lets you run the ROM (but with no sound, of course), skipping the error. Silly bug.
  • Fixed a small bug in Gamma.
  • Now the slots are viewed as in Nesticle.
  • New message font, looks like Nesticle's.
  • Support for gamegear games (but with BUGS) and debugger. Dedicated to Charles Doty, so he can debug his demos correctly.
  • The Save games format has changed, to support Game Gear. Easy, you won't need to trash your old save games, because the new format is compatible with the older (or at least it should be).
  • Added some keys that do cool things.
  • Render: corrected the bug that didn't let you see characters greater than 448. Now all VRAM goes in cacht. A bit of speed is lost.
  • Render: sprite render accelerated. Now, the color 0 is used as transparent. This might not be right.
  • Render: At last a ZBuffer has been incorporated per cache so that the tiles are seen in front of the sprites. A bit of speed is lost.
  • Debugger: new option to see the screen at a bigger size.
  • New keyboard handler.

    10/09/99 SMS Plus 0.7.a released and added to the Emulators section. This is just a bug fix with the following changes :
  • Fixed a lot of bugs that caused crashes.
  • Game Gear games properly detected now.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stereo sound to not work.
  • Much faster display rendering

    10/06/99 SMS Plus 0.7.0 released and added to the Emulators section. Here are the improvements :
  • Improved compatability, most games work flawlessly.
  • Added Richard Mitton's blazingly-fast RAZE Z80 emulator.
  • Rewrite of the VDP emulation; much more accurate than before.
  • Speed throttling, VSync polling, FPS meter.
  • Configuration file for easy customization.
  • Support for "full-screen" 512x384 / 400x300 scaled displays.
  • YM2413 FM sound emulation courtesy of Zoop and Hiromitsu Shioya.
  • MMX enhanced graphics routines.
  • Stereo sound for Game Gear games.

    10/04/99 MGX 0.13 released and added to the Emulators section. As usual, all documentation is in Japanese. I am none the wiser as to what is new :)

    09/29/99 Meka 0.3 released, download it from the Emulators section. Lots of improvements in this version :

  • Hiroshi added a preliminary FM Voice Editor.
  • Fixed FM emulation bug in Wonderboy 2 / Monster World 1 / Monica 1.
  • FM writes are now delayed, and FM musics are now in better sync with PSG.
  • Hiroshi dumped the original Japanese Master System BIOS. Then I hacked and interfaced it to includes it in Meka. To watch the demo included in the Japanese SMS: change the machine country to Japanese, remove cartridge if any is loaded and switch the power ON.
  • Fixed a bug in VRAM access emulation (AX Battler sprites now works).
  • Improved dynamic palette system :
    • No more color bug in Itchy & Scratchy (GG) and Bust a Move (GG).
    • Less flickering in Space Harrier (GG) menu.

  • Improved palette handling when a game quickly change the video mode in the middle of a frame, fixing Back to the Future 2 (SMS).
  • Fixed title screen bug in California Games 2 (SMS).
  • Fixed top screen flickering in Addams Family (SMS).
  • Fixed Pop Breaker (GG). I did introduce a bug just before releasing 0.10.
  • Fixed dirty first column when reseting some SG-1000 games.
  • Fixed dirty first column on badly programmed SMS games (Jurassic Park).
  • Improved file browser :
    • Added keyboard input (arrows, page up/down, home/end, letters).
    • Added little flags next to Japanese, Brasilian and Australian games.
    • Added a configuration switch to keep the browser open after loading.
    • Selected file is now kept after loading a game.

  • Rewrote some parts of the GUI engine (no visual changes).
  • Fixed a command line bug.
  • The pause/start button has been moved to the SPACE key for two reasons: first, some games use it as an action button, and secondly, when the file browser is open it would interfer with it because of the ENTER key.
  • Added patch to fix Sega logo color in the Ninja Gaiden bad dump.
  • Added tons of new entrys to the checksum, name and compatibility lists.
  • Added 3 new GUI themes (uncomment manually or enable with WonderTheme).
  • A bunch of other minor fixes and improvements.

    09/13/99 Calypso 008 Beta Build and MGX 0.12f released. Both have been added to the Emulators section. As usual I have no idea what is new with MGX but for Calypso I can tell you this (or rather copy and paste the info from the readme file) :

    -Added configuration file and command line options. Now the changes will be saved inside the configuration file CALYPSO.INI which is also editable.
    -Added VSync support.
    -Several cosmetic changes and of minor importance in the code.
    -Added automatic frameskip. At last.
    -Added a YM2413 skipper. Now a lot more games work.
    -Added international support. You can emulate a Japanese or European console.
    -The saved games bug was corrected. There were pointers pointing not where they should, producing unexpected results. I'm sorry, but you'll have to trash your old saved games, because the format is incompatible.
    -Added on screen messages. What decent emulator doesn't have them? :)
    -Added pause button emulator.
    -Added slots for saved games. Now you can save up to 10 games per rom. Besides, the emulator doesn't give you an error when you try to load an inexistent saved game.
    -Added a small debugger option. Discover it for yourself.

    09/09/99 MGX 0.11 released and added to the Emulators section. Anyone who can translate Japanese to English feel free to help me with finding out what has changed since version 0.10a :) Also emulator reviews have made a return to the section. These will be updated soon to take into account new versions of emulators being released.

    09/07/99 Fixed all pages so that they now work in Netscape. Sorry to all those Netscape users out there.

    09/06/99 I have finished the first stages of the GameGear / Master System section renovation. New features include new look and structure, the addition of more emulators and utilities plus a new frontend section. Sections removed due to out of date content are Emulation Help, Save States and Sonic Stuff. Two sections will be making a return soon though, these are the emulator screenshot comparison and the P.A.R.chive (Pro Action Replay archive). Also look out for my upcoming links section. As always I am open to comments or suggestions, so email me here if you have anything to say. The old look section can be found here : old style.

    08/31/99 Hello, my name is Kamaya and I will be taking over from Veralden as the section maintainer. For the time being the site will remain the same but when I have some more time, I will completely update the whole section. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me here.

  • GG / SMS Sections . .
  • Emulators - 9 GameGear / Master System emulators to try.

  • Frontends - A duo of frontends for the popular BrSMS emulator.

  • PC equivalents - A listing of GameGear / Master Sytem games ported to the PC.

  • Utilities - A selection of utilities that range from general ROM editing to game specific applications and lets not forget the ever popular WonderTheme, the theme creator for the emulator Meka.

  • And Finally ... - Info about me and something else none GG / SMS related, my personal Megadrive / MegaCD games list !

    Note : some portions of the site are based on the work of former section maintainer Veralden.

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