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    September Updates


    Link Corrections
    The links on the
    Articles and Documents section have been corrected. I was in a hurry the night I made that section and I didn't realize that the URLs were wrong! :)

    I also fixed some links in the Projects section and in the Video Gaming FanFare section as well. Enjoy!



    Main Page Redesign
    Yes, it's true! The sloppy main page got a face lift! I was hoping to have this done before the 'Zone's 4th birthday, but better late then never I guess.

    I moved all the "featured links" into neatly organized sub-catagories, which helped reduce the size of the main page from 32k to 16k! Besides a faster load time, this change should help people find out what the heck is on the 'Zone a thousand times faster. :)

    I eliminated the "EmuLinks" section on the main page and replaced it with a "Search EmuLinks" box at the bottom. The EmuLinks project has moved to EmuLinks.Com, so the links that were up were highly out-of-date anyways.

    The "Link to the 'Zone" graphic has been replaced with a new graphic done by our own Hashiro. (Or was it done by ChaosTheorm?) Be sure to check that out!

    Lastly, the language mirrors on the 'Zone have been eliminate because it proved to be a larger headache then it was worth. In short, we did not have enough man power. However, the language mirrors at
    SSRG will remain and will still be updated. (In fact, the French mirror got an update today.)

    There are still a few odds and ends to clean-up, but I don't think any major problems remain. In anyevent, let me know what you think of the new, smaller version of the main page of the 'Zone!


    Fan Translations Exposť in EGM
    Electronic Gaming Monthly (p.36-37, Number 135 Oct'00) has an exposť on "The Science Behind Fan Translation" of games such as Seiken Densetsu 3 and Sweet Home.
    (chaos theorem)


    "New Sections" posting fixed
    Opps! I had a typeo, which caused the new posted to hide the links I wanted to show. They should now be visable.