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    June Updates


    'Zone Now Accepts Hosting Requests
    Just to let everyone know, the 'Zone will now accepts hosting requests! However, there are only certain types of sites we will host. For more information, please visit the
    Joining and Hosting section of the site.
    (Andy (Back from retirement))

    I'm Back From Retirement!
    Thought it has been a fact for some now, I would like to official and publicly announce that I, Andy Wolan, is returning after being in retirement for 9 months. Why the change of heart? Well, first of all my classes are over for the summer. As a result, I have extra time on my hands, so might as well make the most of it. The second and most important reason for my comeback is the happenings over at SSRG. The community was endanger of collapse, so I figured I should step in else watch a community I help build destroy itself.

    And while I am back, I will be taking on a bigger role at ‘ZRN and EMULinks.com. Though I have been working off and on with those sites, I will now have the time to do more for them. Furthermore, expect some old features on the main domain of the ‘Zone to return.