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Back from "vacation"
Well i upgraded my puter and had some troubles but now im back with a nice amd-k6-2


NES Emulators Updated
I removed all but four of the NES Emulators, mainly because trying to keep up with them all is a little rough, and there are only a few that work really well. The ones I kept up are NESticle, fwNES, RockNES, and BioNES. IMHO these are the best ones out there. Did I miss one? E-mail me.

Also, I'm trying to start work on my own NES emulator. I'm still trying to pick between 6502 cores, and even after I pick one.... I'm still quite a bit lost. Any help there would also be very appreciated.

Thank you,

NES Console Section

Genesis Page : Updated Article
Advanced programming is On How videogames are produced for the genesis. Have Topics on Demos and Advanced programming done.
Genesis Home Page

Neo-Geo Page: Updated Article
Classic games are a trend, but SNK had another, "great" idea for a couple of games. Make them BAD! So The Neo-Geo Classics saection now has a page devoted to Bad, Awful games that if you had them, you would get a baseball bat and hit them until the chips are in 10 pieces.
The Neo-geo Classics
Neo Geo Homepage

TC Fireside Chat #4
It's up, with the recent announcements of two completed translations. Back to Sonic Adventure I go!!!
Translation Central

New emulationzone site! - [ hellmage]
Hi! My name is Necromason, I am the head of a group called [ hellmage ].
What is hellmage? Well, hellmage is a group geared towards rpgs and rom hacking.
Don't worry, we are not a roms site, and we don't contain any roms.
Well we were recently accepted for an emulationzone site! ^_^
We are small now, but don't worry, we are going to expand.
We are all working on our RPG projects, and I am going to start up an RPG news section ... soon.
We also have a good rom hacking section, which includes my rom hacking tutorial, rom hacking utilities and a soon-to-be tbl file archive!
So come to hellmage now! :)
-Necromason PS - hellmage has the url www.emulationzone.org/sections/hellmage but I also got a shorter url that redirects you to my emuzone site :) the shorter url is hellmage.cjb.net. That will make it easier to get to my site ^_^
PPS Hellmage is still only new, and in its beta 1 stages. Please don't be alarmed if you find one or 2 broken links.
[ hellmage ]

Snes Page: New Article
I decided to put another page on the SNES Section. Called The Classic RPGS you WANT to play, It shows the main RPGs that mad ethe SNES so great. Its a beginning guide to Classic RPGs. Which ones you shold pick if you can find, and Which ones are grand for emulation. get it here:

Snes Main Page.
Email me here

SNES Emulator Page Updated
Added SNeSe .36 beta, and Scrached some typos.
Snes Homepage

32X Page Updated!
I have updated the 32X Page, this update includes the following: 1)I have fixed the botched image links. 2)I have added a new section which has a list of all domestic 32X releases. There are still no working 32X Emulators, but Genesis Power releases new 32X Roms more than twice a week! That's all for this little update! Arigato Gozaimasu to sayonara ~Auston
32X Page

FF Anthology
I was browsing the net when I found a very interesting thought about FF Anthology from a Canadian guy who runs THE best and I mean THE very best snes rpg rom site out there. You may read it here. Just click on "Roms" on the top and you will have a chance to read it. I really recomend you do. I feel that this was a thought important enough to post on both the updates and WEMU page.
RPG Oasis

Game Skins Archives New URL
The game skins archive has move to a new location on the site. It can now be found at http://www.emulationzone.org/sections/skins. Just to let you know, the Game Skins Archive is an archive of game manuals, box covers and artwork from the NES and Neo-Geo line of games.
Game Skins Archive

Read This!!!
The zone will be down for the 2~3 next days due to a move of EmulationWorld.
As the DNS changes you might want to try to dns emulationzone.org to reach us.
So please dont email about problems as they will be fixed soon enough.


N64 Page Updated
Well, after a long drought of no updates, I Offspng have updated the N64 Emulators page, the update so far consists of newer versions of 1964 and its source, Sunset, and True Reality Win9x. Well this is my first update, so hi all!
N64 Emulator Section


N64 Page Updated
Well, after a long drought of no updates, I Offspng have updated the N64 Emulators page, the update so far consists of newer versions of 1964 and its source, Sunset, and True Reality Win9x. Well this is my first update, so hi all!


Genesis Page: New Article
I haved placed a beginners guide to Genesis Programming. This explains the way games go though the process of completion. Starting with an idea and ending with a Thought, this Beginners guide helps people new to programming the Genesis a new way of thinking when they watch their games play. Even made a fictional game, "Sonic 4: The Death of Sonic :)"
Genesis Emulation Homepage

Genesis Page Updated
Thanks goes out to K Banks for helping find a long lost utility - Genesis Sprite Editor. Also, I fixed the link on the Utilities page for that.
Genesis Homepage


Translation Central Fireside Chat #3
It's up, it's out, it's new, and it has some tasty tidbits. Just in time for FF8/Dreamcast day(z). =-} Come to the fair!
Translation Central

Ultimo Updates: Neo-Geo and SNES
Updated 2 pages: The Neo-Geo and SNES. The Neo-Geo now has a feature on the classic fighting games, and I updated the SNES page with SNES9x 1.22a.

  • The Neo-Geo Homepage
  • The SNES Homepage
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    Fixed GG / SMS section for viewing in Netscape :)
    After quickly checking my local copy of the GameGear / Master System section I noticed that many pages were not showing anything when viewed in Netscape 4.6. I have fixed this problem though and uploaded the Netscape friendly version of the section.
    Netscape friendly GG / SMS section

    Back From Vacation
    NC: "Hi everybody!"
    Audience: "Hi Dr. Nick"

    Well, I'm back from my secret vacation from Washington, DC. I was nice to get away from all the stress of the site so I could mentally prepare for the start of my senior year. Lucky, nothing broke down while I was away, and I'm glad to see the new console section maintainers are working hard.

    In any event, if you sent me an email message and I don't get back to you by Tuesday night, email it to me again. the same goes to those that applied for a job here at the 'Zone. (Even though I firmly believe I replied to every email message sent to me.)

    We will also be incorporating our new layout shortly. We will start with this ugly looking Updates section and move on to the WEMU section. I was thinking about using a Java Serverlet to spice up the news page. (More like a Linux implementation of ASP.) I'll see how things go.


    NeoSave Archive and Nesticle Movie Archive Moves
    The savestate archives have been moved to different locations on the server for easier maintance. Unfortunatly, I forgot to update the links on the new "save states" section of the 'Zone, along with the links in the SaveState site listings in EmuLinks. They have been correctect. The sites that were affect by my snafoo are:

    Nesticle Movie Archive
    Massage MSD archive
    NeoSave Archive

    I apologize for any inconvenience this might of caused.

    If anyone has a savestate archive that needs hostings or is interested in taking over the Massage MSD archive, let me know at


    Secret Metroid Levels
    I want to thank Jason Grimes for sending me the link to the Secret Metroid Levels page. You can go there directly from here:

    Metroid Secret Levels or go to the NES Console Section and look under And Finally.

    NES Console Section

    Major GG / MS Section Update
    Here is what I have done to the section : totally changed the look of the section and fixed all broken links, all emulators are now upto date and the listing is complete, frontends have been added, more utilities added. Further details can be found by following the link below to the GameGear / Master System section.
    GG / MS Section

    Small Genesis Update
    Worked on fixing up some of the bad links and got some typos fixed
    Genesis Page

    NES Updates
    Hello everyone. By request I just added fwNES to the emulator page (why I didn't notice it gone before, I'll never know :o). Also, thanks go to Atreus Adams for some ROM Incompatabliity issues. Added some game-specific pages to the NES Links page. They're all great!

    Also, I finished most of the spelling and punctuation errors in the text and fixed most of the broken links. Any more? E-mail me!

    NES Console Section

    Ultimo Updates....
    Arranged things on Neo-Geo page, added Neomame beta 3 revision2, and I got an e-mail from a person who told me that there is a BIGGER game than Namcot on SNES.

  • Neo-Geo Page
  • Snes Page
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    Genesis Page Updated
    Moved a few stuff around and I tell the tale of Sonicitis.
    Genesis Page

    Another SNES update
    Moved things around, SNES hardware in english moved to Tech Info, and added a page....You'll just have to see it :)
    Snes Page