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    -Update- 9-10-99- Crap, forgot to stick PC64 in the update yesterday, well its in their now... later
    -Update- 9-9-99- I figured I had to update on the day of reckoning, the day of the DC the day of greatness. Mmmm k, well anyways this is my first update on the site so ill try to get everything updated since the last maintainer did a crappy job at it...Well Sunset, 1964, added True Reality for Windows and PC64.. well thats all for right now, laterz.
    This is an open source emulator, and the source is freely available. You do not get a compiled version, you get the source files. So this is not the friendly version. It cant do a lot, but if you are a programmer you might want to check this one out.
    Last Version: 0.2.4
    1964 Homepage
    Download for Win9X (293k)
    Download Source (188k)
    Help Documents
    This one is currently being developed with the last update on April 6. It can actually emulate Mortal Kombat Trilogy, which is quite a feat. It uses Dynamic Recompilation, so it is fairly fast. As a note, the version here does not emulate MTK, it is just what his homepage says.
    Last Version: .02
    Download for Win9X (95k)
    Help Documents
    Nincest 64byMarius (Faraway)
    This one's homepage isn't there anymore, so I don't know if it is still being worked on. But you can view the source code, and there is a debugger version if you plan on making a demo for the N64. It can run most of the demos fairly well, but slowly.
    Last Version: .05beta
    Download for DOS
    Download for debugging version
    Download for Win9X
    Download for source
    Help Documents

    This was called Reality64 in the beginning, and was one the first attempted. It only runs the CPU, and there is no display. It is basically here as a history lesson.
    Last Version: .01
    Download for Win9X
    Help Documents
    Project UnrealitybySomeone
    THIS was the first one attempted, with the mock of the name Project Reality that the N64 had. Anyway, it has also been discontinued. It is shame because it started off and actually showed the beginning of MTK and Waverace. Anyway, this has eerie parellels to the SNES emulation, but I digress.
    Last Version: .03
    Download for Win9X
    Download unsupported beta
    Help Documents

    SunsetbyMoonlit Coalition
    This one is a up and coming emulator, and uses Dynamic Recompilation to speed up the emulation. It can run most of the demos that are made. Definitely give this emulator a try even though its a bit slow right now.
    Last Version:
    Sunset's Homepage
    Download for Win9X
    Help Documents

    Ultra HLEbyEpsilon and RealityMan
    The best for last? Of course, for all of you lucky people with 3dfx cards. Anyway, this is probably the most controversial emulators that was ever released. I want to put up a complete history of it, and other things also. UltraHLE was released By RealityMan And Manbeast, who promptly pulled the version about 3 days later. But alas, the genie was out of the bottle, and major news outlets covered it. Nintendo was going to try and sue, but the fact you can't sue a man named Epsilon, the suit faded away and the whole scene was in a debate over this.
    The emulator is very nice, provided you have the VooDoo card or a Glide wrapper. Games will run fairly fast too, but still remember that the system is out and making games before you go and steal ROM files. These aren't games you can't go find at the store.
    Last Version: Final
    Download for Win9X
    UltraHLE Help
    UltraHLE .ini file
    Help Documents

    True Reality for Windowsbyrcp
    Originally a Unix emulator, it's now been ported to Windows, try it out, its pretty cool.
    Last Version: 1.04
    TR Homepage
    Download for Win9X
    Help Documents

    Supposedly a cool emu, i hear it runs Mario 64 and claims to run Rampage 2 methinks.. check it out and see what you think.
    Last Version: 1.01
    Download for Win9x
    Help Documents
    Last Updated:09/09/99