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    Emulation Operation Tips
    1. The most common, #1 problem with users and their emulators is speed. At the moment, speed doesn't matter that much because no "worth-while" game runs under the emulator, but for those who deperately need it, read on. 
      • a. The first (and easiest) thing to do is to switch on your turbo-switch. It'll give a BIG boost. But then again, if your PC has a turbo switch, then you have a crappy system with a 486 or slower processor. 
      • b. The second (and toughest) thing is your bitmap mode. The higher it is, the choppier the graphics. Your minimum needs to be set to 16-bit, so if you have anything higher, minimize it. 
      • c. The third thing to do is to shut down ALL running application while running the emulator. Emulators usually load the ROM into memory. If you have applications running in the background, they will consume memory. This will cause only part of a ROM image to be stored in memory. The rest will have to be access via "VIRTUAL MEMORY", which is 10x slower.
      • d. I reccommend that you have the latest version of DirectX installed. It will help speed up the video emulation and will help improve the sound quality without reducing the speed.
      • e. If you are a Windows 95 user, upgrade to Windows 98. It's speed is increased by 15% and it'll help quite a bit.
      That's pretty much all that can be done with your emu right now without swapping boards and chips. Try making the window smaller, it speeds up the display.
    2. If your ROM doesn't load properly (i.e. Unmapped memory...unhandled opcode) that means that currently that part of the hardware isn't emulated. Wait for the next version to come out and see if it works properly.

    4. If your emulator says your computer is too slow then let me tell you something...THAT'S NOT A REAL EMULATOR! DOWNLOAD FROM WHAT'S LISTED ABOVE! Many fake N64 emulators have been distributed around the net before a real one was created. The popular screen message that was displayed was "your computer is not fast enought". The history behind this is simple: many people have said that it would be impossible to create a N64 to run on the PC on todays technology. So, the bogus emulator "authors" created a stupid little program that just spits a message saying "your PC is too slow." 
    Last Updated: 8/08/98