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    September Updates


    New Sonic 1 Arcade found!
    This version has new clouds at the top of the screen, and is obviously not like the standard US/European ROM release.

    This version was found by ICEknight and more information can be found at A51 MB

    (On behalf of STH A51 MB)


    MD#### ROM discovery
    Blaze has discovered a large selection of ROMs on In the 'z' section, there are a number of MDxxxx roms starting with zzz unk.

    The list of them has been compiled
    It is not yet complete, but will hopefully get quite big soon! (And maybe some Sonic stuff will be found...!)


    Total Chaos at STH Area 51 MB
    It seems that the "real Genocide City" is causing a bit of a stir there. No-one seems to be able to do anything about it - Jan has tried his best.

    If you want to try and help out, (but not flame any more) is the URL to visit.

    I'm really hoping this ends soon.


    Sonic 2 Beta Info
    If you visited the Sonic 2 Beta or STH Area 51 pages recently, you might of heard of the Sonic 2 Beta Title Card Hack that was hacked by L0s1. The title cards are in Sonic 1 font, and as far as I can tell are part of the original game's programming. You can find the hack at

    Also just want to let everyone know that I haven't gave up on the Sonic 2 Beta site, my computer was down for 3 months and I didn't have any FTP access. I'm still in need of someway to restore the Music section of the site, many people have tried to help but I was unable to read the files properly. Any help with this can go to


    Site & Staff Changes
    The following changes to the site have been made

    Staff Firings

    Blackbeard - Vanished
    Blazemore - Vanished. Game Skins Archive and Kid Icarus section. (Don't ask me to put those sections up; he deleted them before he disapeared and we don't have an archived copy. Sorry.)
    Dragonfyre00 - We never saw eye-to-eye as to what his site was going to be about, plus the fact that it's not active.
    Insektor - Vanished.
    knux - Vanished.
    psychot (TG-16 section) Vanished.
    Rick - His MegaMan site has no value to be kept up.
    Reznor - Did nill.
    Shekers -Vanished (Console section)
    simone - Vanished.
    skyy - Vanished.
    Ultimo - Vanished (Console section)

    Cinos - vanished
    Egguman - Keeps promising to do something... never has. Sad really, considering he has great graphics skills that just need to be fine-tuned for web development.
    Elliotro - Was suppose to maintain the Sonic SB BETA page but let a truck load of info relating to the site go by without doing anything. You little…
    Goon -Was suppose to resume work of his section this summer. It's September and I don't think he has any intentions to continue work. His "Custom Level Archive" will be merged with Rich Roger's "Rom Hacks Archive."
    MetalX & the rest of the Xteam - One whole year and still nothing to show for it.
    Napsonic - Some layout artist. Did nothing.
    Ryu - Not doing a job at a level of quality I was hoping he would do, or even remotely close to.
    Sparx - Begged for site back. Site was given back. Did crap since rejoining. Will continue to do crap.
    Zac - Said he would help out this summer, but vanished. Only reappeared when his account was terminated.

    Staff Exits

    Yohoho (3-4 months ago) - Left so he could work on other projects.
    Sonukku - See for explanation
    Saxman - Retired
    Andy W. - Retired

    Site Closures - Vanished of the face of the Earth.

    Site Exits
    STJR - Leaving for various reasons. Keeping the SRB2 project under one roof will be best for the STJR team.

    Site Suspension
    Spin Ball Beta site - New maintainer needed with Ellitro's exit.
    Cracking the Crackers - New maintainer needed with Sparx's exit.

    New Sites
    S2Me- (SSRG) A promising Sonic 2 Rom hacking project.
    Rsonic - (SSRG) Retro Sonic, from the maintainer of the Sonic CD BETA page.
    (Andy (Retired))