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    August Updates


    Idiocy in europe.
    Basically, tomorrow, well, actually today in european time, EPO is going to try to pass a bill that will cripple movements like opensource and feed power to huge corporations, it may be too late to point this out but here are the links for more info.

    there you have it.


    'Zone Turns 7 Years Old!
    Hard to believe, but today marks the seven-year anniversary of the founding of! To celebrate, I have compiled a document outlining what the ‘Zone has accomplished from Aug 2001 to Aug 2003.

    An outline of what the ‘Zone has accomplished from Aug 1996 to Aug 2001 can be found here:

    An audio documentary of the ‘Zone’s first five years can be found at the link below. This audio special was made by Tristan of TSSZ|One back in Aug of 2001. (Link fixed)
    (I highly suggestion right-clicking on the link and saving it to disk.)

    Feel free to post your comments about the 'Zone and its past history on the Feedback Message Board.



    New Xbox Live/PSO Site
    Introducing XBOX Live Wire. A site dedicated to The xbox live service we all love & Hate. This site will bring the Lattest news regarding Live updates,games releases and happenings in the community. We also will have a huge resource of Hints,cheats, and thing Microsoft doesn't want you to know. Like how to play halo online. You can check it out at
    Also A HUGE Phantasy Star Online counterpart is in the works. So stay tunned.

    Killing Spam and Pop-up
    Are you are stick of pop-ups and spam messages like any sane human being? If so, check out a thread I have started on the message board. If could save you hours of aggrivation of week.

    3 Positions Open at 'ZRN
    Interested in running a videogame-themed radio station? If so, check-out the
    Want Ads sections of 'ZRN. We are looking to full three positions: a RPG-themed station operator, a Talk-themed radio station, and (recently added) a Sonic-themed radio station.