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    August Updates


    EmulationZone.Org Turns 5 in Style!!
    I would like to announce that today, Aug 28, 2001, marks the fifth year anniversary of the Emulation Zone! It's incredible how far the site has gone from a mere sub-section off a personal web site to a web site run by over 30 people! Instead of rambling on, I will cut to the chase and mention that we have prepared a few surprised surprises for everyone!

    First off, Tristan of has prepared an audio documentary of what the site has endured and accomplished in its five year history.. You can listen to it at:

    Second, I would like to mention that we have prepared a text document outlining the site's history. It's not fancy like Tristan documentary, or as exciting, but it will do.

    Third, Sonikku and I have recorded a little theme song about SSRG. You can download the song at (Link will change, so visit SSRG for the link.)

    Fourth, I have prepared a closing message to everyone explaining why I am retiring, what will happen to the site and what I am going to do from then on. You can view that at

    Finally, I would like to invite everyone to the feedback board to post their comments about the 'Zone and it's 5 years of existence. Feel free to share any persona tails or feelings you would like to share. You can access the message board at

    If you would rather send them to me personally instead, my email address is

    Thanks everyone! It's been fun!

    (Andy Wolan (NO CARRIER))

    Techno sonic Radio up and running
    As told earlier by STH2K i have a radio station devoted to sonic, im consitering to have it a general video game music station to atract more trafic. Well your more than welcome to listen to it the url is(just put this in winamp) that it. So please listen we do take requests and i do go live and have talk shows sometimes il have a scheduale up later.


    TechnoSonic TV?
    The TechnoSonic radio station owned by Striker, inventor of Sonic 2 Millennium Edition (URL: should soon be expanding with a TV station full of Sonic game reviews and other miscellaneous stuff.

    There won't be a proper broadcast for a while.

    Current programmes in development are: Sonic 2 Millennium Edition and AJ9's Genocide City.


    I would like to announce that on August 28th, after five years, I will be retiring from my duties as head of EmulationZone.Org I will have more information up when the day approaches.


    New Site Structure Underway
    The structure of the site is currently undergoing some change to make navigation of the site more logical. Some sections might be offline during this transition, but rest asured that they will be corrected.

    TSSZ will Replace WEMU
    To fill the void with WEMU's absence, we will be replacing the part of the main page reserved for WEMUs’ headlines with that of member site TSSZ. We feel the SEGA and Sonic news of the TSSZ will fit nicely onto the main page of SSRG, along with the fact that the news is updated on a near-daily basis.

    ** WEMU Shutting Down **
    ** WEMU Shutting Down **
    I am sad to report that this will be the final post ever on WEMU. After nearly three (3) years in existence, Sephiroth and myself have agreed to put this site to rest.

    At its conception, my goal for the site was to create a news section that would rival the other emulator news sites. Though I tried hard to make it a success, it never caught any momentum. The public never seemed to be interested in WEMU, and with good reason: why visit a site that is updated part of the time when you could go to a news site that is updated full time? Though we tried to assemble a staff to attack this problem, it proved futile to do after many attempts.

    For the reasons stated about, we are throwing-in the towel and admitting that this news page was not a success. This page will no longer be updated and will be moved to the “historical archives” section of the ‘Zone. The “articles”, “editorials” and “interviews” sections of WEMU will be moved to the “Articles” section of the ‘Zone.

    I would like to thank EvilRyu, (aka Ryu, aka TsengRei) for his contributions to the “interviews” section, Rand for writing the initial Perl script that helped automate this news site, COMiX for creating the background and StarFox for creating a layout idea from which the current layout is based upon. I would also like to thank Sephiroth for keeping the site alive for so long, even though it seemed futile and pointless to do. Finally I would like to thank all the viewers and fans of WEMU.