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    August Updates


    Emulation Zone Turns Four (4)!
    Beleive it or not, the Emulation Zone has managed to stay up for four years! That's right, today, Aug. 28 is the 4th birthday of Emulation Zone! (Yah!)

    We don't have any special treats or special events to highlight this event. Mainly because we are too busy with real life(c) and the projects we have placed upon ourselfs which you can visit through-out the site.

    If you want to visit one cool project we are working on, head on over to one of our biggest projects to date!

    I don't have a "thank-you" list made mainly because I havn't had the time to sit down and make one up. :-( In short, I would like to thank ZTNET for hosting us. Without their support, the site would have never grown to it's full potential. We thank you guys for all your help!


    Staff Page Updated !?!!
    Can this be true? Is it possible? Did they actually update that grossly out-of-date staff page? Yep! And now that it's based on a PHP and MySQL backend, you can be sure that it will be up-to-date! Thanks goes out to Kaoslord for coding this new addition for the 'Zone.


    New Sections!
    The ‘Zone is proud to announce the following additions to our site:

    Organized Chaos - Longer time staff member Stealth gets a sub-domain to house his programming projects, including Sonic Matrix, a great Sonic the Hedgehog clone made by hand in C!

    Ecco the Dolphin Fansite - "Black Fin" brings to us a great fan site all about the SEGA classic game "Ecco the Dolphin." - Do you find the selection of emulator sites on Yahoo and the like incomplete and outdated? Do you wish someone would make a search engine geared just for the Emulation Community? Your preys have been answered!

    The Super Sonic Zone (TSSZ) - A great news site that covers the Sonic Gaming Community and developments in the SEGA Video Gaming Community as well.

    ’Zone Radio Network - Catching in on the Internet radio crazy, the ‘Zone launches a collaborative effort to team those with a radio station of a video gaming theme to join together and help create a larger fan base. You can also catch our very own radio station (WEMU) were the software and hardware of the station is entirely controlled by us! (Not some free-bee site like


    Discontinued Projects
    The following projects have been discontinued by the author, but will remain because I feel that they are worthy of remaining on the site: – eXtend SPC - Author called it quits to work on something else.


    Sub-Section Elimination List
    The following sub-sections have been removed from the 'Zone for the following reasons: – Site never went up. - Account violations. (Had ROMs.) – Had nothing to show after being up for a year. (I personally feel his programming projects were nothing more then elaborate hoaxes.) - (Mario Madness Development Group) Site eliminated due to account misuse. (Will be removed shortly) Info on site not upto par in SSRG quality. - Never uploaded a site - Account violations. - Ningendo. Sorry to see them go, but they lost interest and called it quits and asked for the site to be deleted. – Still up, but will be replaced with something better: ! – Translation Central - Fell way out of date and was missing a lot of info in order to be of much use as an archive. - (MTEK) Removed due to lack on interest from the maintainers. - was also at – The person running this page gave-up on the project and deleted the site.


    Console Sections Discontinued
    The console sections have been a keystone section since the very start of Emulation Zone nearly 4 years ago. I originally maintained these sections for two years until we expanded in Sept. 1998. If you recall, I had to drop what tasks I could do so I could focus on my schooling. People offered to help out with these section and I allowed them. Things were looking good.

    However, the sections have fallen way out of date from people quitting after they say the work load. Thus, I was never able to form a dedicated group of people whom were committed into keeping the sections alive and up to date. I tried for 2 years to form a console section maintenance staff to no prevail. Therefore, after much thinking, I have decided to shutdown the console sections for good. The console sections will no longer be updated.

    However, I will leave what is left of the console sections on the site. Even though the sections are months out-of date, they still manage to draw a huge amounts of traffic. They also contain detailed info about pasted emulators, so I consider it a resource, even though it is no longer being maintained.



    WEMU (The Radio Station) Update
    I made some software changes to WEMU radio station. I dumped the flacky MP3 streamer that we were using and I replaced it with something alot more stable and configurable. Thus, no more mysterious "Connection lost" situations.

    Also, I modified the playlist to incorperate all the songs we have in our current song archieve: all 204 of them! (I estimate that we now have around 16.5 hours of music online.) The streamer has been setup to pick a file for streaming at random, thus the station will not suffer from the predictability of a playlist.

    The only down side to this approach is that the site does not really have a genre, except, perhaps, a general video game music theme. This will change in the future as we will change things to match a particular style.

    In any event, if you don't like this format, we have several other stations that are part of the 'Zone Radio Network ('ZRN) that follow their own format. Check out, for more info.