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    July Updates


    The Sega Programming Network- Update
    I've just uploaded some new files; the layout has changed slighly and some of the sections have changed. As I'm quite pressed for time, I haven't had a chance to check to see if all of the links are working OK. Please let me know if any of them are broken.
    Please keep visiting the
    news page for more updates.

    - Metalix
    (The Sega Programming Network)


    Article on Emulation
    I was recently interviewed by William Smith of The Daily Iowan regarding console emulation. You can read the article here.


    My quote seems awkward when taken out of context, so I've attached a copy of the text where the quote originated.

    > What is your
    > view on downloading ROMs of games for the 3 current sytems? Is there a line
    > that should be drawn in the timeline of gaming when it is okay to emulate
    > something.

    I personally have an issue with people downloading and playing games for
    the current three systems (and the GBA). For crying out loud, these
    games are commercially available! However, I don't have an issue with
    emulators being made for these consoles. These games run off of CD
    media. If I want to run it on my PC, I can just pop the CD in my system,
    fire-up the emulator, and away I go. The whole gripe with copying the
    game onto the PC is avoided, 100%.

    Many emulator authors are kind enough to add code that prevents people
    from running pirated games through the emulator. Unless the person is
    fairly inclined in computer programming, the average person is not going
    to download the source code for the emulator and modify it to disable
    copy protection. I imagine some emulator authors prevent distributions
    to be made that has copy protection disabled via their license



    Search Script Fixed
    The old search script that we used here on the 'Zone has been replaced with that from Google. We used to use SWISH++, which would go through our site every evening and record the occurances of each word each web page. Two years ago, the script stopped working. After talking to the server admins, we determined it was pointless to try to hack the thing back together to get it to work once again, now that people pretty much havepages that are dyamically created, not static. Thus, the search script has been replaced with that of Google's. I was going to customize the output from Google's search engine to match that of the site, but I fail to see the point.


    Power Outage Knocks Out the 'Zone
    On Thursday at around 11 PM EST, the ISP that houses ZTNETís servers suffered a massive power failure. One of their power distribution nodes failed, which cut power to all of their customers. The power has been restored and everything is back to normal. (I hope!)


    tssz|one Premiere Tonight
    The season premiere of Random Hour with Adam Lizzi debuts tonight on tssz|one, at 9PM Eastern time. Turn to tssz|one by clicking
    (Tristan Bresnen, tssz|news)

    The Sega Programming Network
    I'd just like to let everybody know that I am still working on The Sega Programming Network. During the last few months, there's been no updates. Also, people with higher resolution than 800x600 have not been able to veiw the site properly. I'm aware of this and an improved version of the layout is going to replace the old one. I also have written more instalments of the Megadrive programming tutorial. Also, ALL technical mistakes and spelling errors are being fixed.
    I will try to update the 'Network as soon as possible.

    If anyone has any requests or suggestions, email me, and I will see what I can do.

    The Sega Programming Network


    Sega Forever Re-Born
    I have re-done the site from scratch (last time was throwing bits of PHP into existing HTML) and it probably looks the best it ever has. The main focus of the site is manuals and magazine articles and ads; the hoaxes, AIM icons and other junk have gone.

    Sega Forever