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    June Updates


    Legal Distrubution of Commerical ROMs??
    Lassi Kortela has setup a site that talks about how to distribute commerical ROMs legally. If you want a look at it, check out the link below. Please note that it is new, so the info many or may not be 100% accurate.



    Live netcast postponed for a bit, but the station is there playing rpg music :)
    Well, weve worked it out, so right now, its been postponed until futher notice :)

    Radio Station #2 ERPG :P Live show! Win Prizes!
    ERPG Is broadcasting right now (testly...) but it is going to have a live event at 4:00CST and 5:00 EST. You could win stuff....tune into this server url:

    Also, Check out live365.com for the main playlist, search for erpg :)

    (Ultimo- Founder of ERPG)


    Radio Station Now Up!
    After two days of testing out ideas and restarting the SHOUTcast server a million times on the 'Zone, we now have an Internet Radio Station setup that does everything that I want it to do. Expect to hear move about this project in the coming days. In the mean time, you can listen in our automated feed via:

    The ability to preempt this automated feed with a live has been tested out successfully, so expect us to toss in live programming after we get setup.

    Finally, if you are still interested, email
    NO CARRIER ASAP. There is little room left, so act fast!


    'Zone to Start a Public Internet Radio Station
    Interested in starting your own internet radio show but don’t want the burdon of having to upload megs of files around? Were you interested in doing a live show but the limitations of services out on the ‘net limited you to a “pre-recorded format”? Interested in being part of Internet Radio Station that is not entirely managed by a “bot”? Then we got a deal for you!

    Good News!
    Hello everyone. Good news to report. I installed the SHOUTcast server on our Linux server with near success. I was able to broadcast an audio stream to the SHOUTcast server and rely it to listeners in the USA, Brazil and Israel with no skipping! (My college in Israel reported some skipping in the beginning.) Thus, we should be able to go ahead and start the Internet radio station as planned which will have little to no skipping! (That all assumes that the input stream has no skips in it to begin with. :-)

    Also, since configuring and spawning additional SHOUTcast servers is not a major problem, we should be able to support multiple affiliate stations. This would allow the public to sign-up and get access to forward a broadcast to one of the affiliate station that will be relayed off our server to the rest of the world. The affiliates do not necessarily need to follow a “Sonic the Hedgehog” theme. We can have live talk shows with IRC interaction, we can have streaming music that is in formats other then MP3: how about MIDI files or SNES-SPC format? The possibilities are huge!

    I’m certain that not everyone can dedicate a connection to the internet 24-7, so a rotational scheme of “shows” can be enacted to allow people to have their own show for a time frame they feel comfortable. Thus a “true” 24-hour radio format is possible. And since we will have multiple stations,

    The "Bad" News with a Cherry on Top
    Well, it’s not really bad news, more of an annoyance.

    I thought SHOUTcast had an option where you would upload all the MP3 files to the server you wished and thus construct a play list based on the files in the server. Unfortunately, this is not true. All that the SHOUTcast server does at this time is relay an audio stream from the server.

    However, there appears to be a workaround to this dilemma. There is an option in the server to repetitively broadcast a local MP3 whenever the stream to the server is lost. Therefore, we could create one huge MP3 file that has, say, a 3 hour show in it and have that repeat. However, my attempts to harness this potential workaround have failed. I strongly feel that the naming convention that the server is looking for is in some oddball format. If anyone out there knows what I am talking about and can provide me with some assistance, please email
    NO CARRIER. I’ve been banging my head over this one for some time now!

    Let’s Sweeten the Pot: Viking Woman to Join!
    To sweeten the deal, my sister, AKA “The Viking Woman” will be joining. She has been a hobby-DJ at a local college radio station for several years and knows the ropes of broadcasting very well. She brings to us a deep background in the “progressive” form of music (NIN among others) along with some classic “Viking Woman” comedy skits. We might even be able to broadcast some of her radio shows over the ‘net live come this fall. We will see.

    What do I, NO CARRIER get out of this?
    The satisfaction of giving people a start in a potentially new form of media like I have with Emulationzone.Org. Pros in streaming media can earn $80k a year. (Source: ZTNET)

    I want to Join!
    Email me, NO CARRIER with a short email message stating what kind of show you are interested in doing, days/hours you can put into the show (IE, a monthly program, a daily show, a 11pm or news show, a weekly show, a 24-7 show,etc) etc.

    For a preview of our station, open-up Winamp, hit -L and login to

    This station will be on and off all day today, so if you get an “ICY 401” error, check back in 15 minutes.



    Ugh.. N64 error


    and email me at


    Redesign of N64 section
    After a long leave from the page, I'm returning to start up again, i've already made a new design for the page at

    Emulation Zone Did Not Turn into the Offical Website of DarcNes DOS
    Appearently, Sephiroth, a senior staff member here at the 'Zone, accidently overwrote the main page of the 'Zone when he went to update the DarcNes DOS page. (Those seniors!) The problem has been corrected.

    While you are at it, go visit the
    DarcNES webpage for a photo of Sephirth with Mr. Stallman, Mr. GNU himself!