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    May Updates


    VG Fan Sites Section Update
    Updated the links and a few of the descriptions in the VG Fan Sites section. Go on over and have a look:



    "Zone Feedback Message Board Updated
    Just letting everyone know that the layout of the 'Zone Feedback Message Board has been updated. The old layout was refletive of an earlier layout scheme of the 'Zone. It has been updated to reflect the current layout scheme. The side menus has also been updated to properly reflect the main catagories of the 'Zone. Finally, a "search box" has been added so you can search through messages in the messageboard.

    There have also been various changes to script that runs the message itself. You now have to explicity state that you want your email address shown if you want the public to see it. There are other updates to the script that I am not going to get into, such as a mailing list which I don't intend to use.