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    May Updates


    Web Site Update
    The follow site(s) has been removed
    /sections/YnT (Now part of
    /sections/amigavision (Site Op quit.)
    /sections/faq (Site op quit and the website was not up to spec.)

    The following sections Might be removed
    /tc (Trasnlation Central: Needs a new site op!)

    New to the 'Zone
    /fth (Hispaic Hacking Federation)
    (There are a ton of others, but I can't recall them at the moment. I'll try to get to it tomorrow.)


    Holy War III Posted & Holy War 1 Ends
    If you recall a few months ago, the webmaster of redirected many site on Emulation World to a porno site. I have not released much information about this insident... until now. Tristan Bresnen of
    TSSZ was kind enough to compile a cronological report about this insidence and even got the webmaster of to voice his side of the insident.

    On a more positive note, Holy War 1, the dispute between Emulation Zone and Node 99 back in 1997 has offically been resolved.

    You can read more about these insidents by visiting the HolyWar section of the site.



    Now Accepting Hosting Requests
    Finals are just about over for me, so I will now once again begin accept hosting requests. However, I do have a backlog of like 100 email messages, so please donít panic if I donít get back to you ASAP!

    For those inquiring hosting on SSRG, I will be creating a separate page outlining the specifics of what kind of sites we will host.

    If you are interested in getting the 'Zone to host your site and would like further information, visit the
    Joining and Hosting of the site.



    Blaster Master Underground moves to!
    Blaster Master Underground has moved to its new location at!

    Over the past three years, the site has grown into a huge repository of information. Now, thanks to everyone who visited and/or contributed to the site, its reached the next stage in its evolution.
    (Chaos Theorem)