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    April Updates


    No More Hosting Requests For Now, Please!
    (Why do people always ask for hosting when I am busy?!?) Please, no more hosting requests until May 22th. I am bogged down with school work and I cannot look at every request fairly due to time, so please, wait until then. If anything, spice-up your sites and your applications in the mean time so you will stick-out from everyone else. (Hint, hint ;-) If you were already talking with me, you can continue emailing me.

    Also, stop sending in applications like "Hi, I want to start subsection on the EmulationZone that will be just like the EmulationZone." ??? I have no idea why we need a subsection that is a mirror of what we already have. If anything, if you want to take over the 'Zone, the job is up for graps. (You better have a good resume!)

    Also, I can't stress this enough, but we will NOT host ROM sites. Please, read the rules and regulations on the "Joining and Hosting" page of the site. I spent a lot time writting it. Appearently, a lot of people did not see the "No ROMs" part of the page.

    So, if you are inquiring hosting, would it hurt if you read it? I made it funny so it won't be a "mumbo-jumbo bore." :-)

    - Thank you!
    Head of EmulationZone.org


    SonicHQ Moves to SonicHQ.Org!
    Sonic Headquarters (or SonicHQ for short) can now be accessed via www.sonichq.org! We decided to branch SonicHQ off to their own domain name because the site has grown alot in the past year. We are confident that the viewers of SonicHQ will be pleased with the move. :-)


    Hello, I'm the Head console Maintainer now :)
    The dawning of a new age is coming....and soon pages WILL be updated :P

    We only have one console section maintainer (other than me) active, so were in a process of updating.

    BTW.........They will be updated more...Mark my words :)