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    February Updates


    Simple Genesis ROM Copier Plans Released!
    Cyan, after a year of on and off work, has finally released his ROM copier plans! Unlike other designs, this design was intended to be cheap to build and simple to contruct. For more information, visit Cyan's
    UnderGround Zone


    Combo Number 5!
    Here's a funny application Craig Stark has emailed me. It's a well done parity of "Mombo Number 5" that even Weirld Al would be proud of. :)

    I'm not sure which website it came from originally, so email me if you know at
    wacko@emulationzone.org. And no, it's not an MP3.

    (Combo Number 5 Download)


    Parodius.com's Responce
    Well, it looks like our good friend at
    www.parodius.com has "spam blocked" all email from domains which he disrupted rescently. I actually got a reply from him concerning an inquiry on why he did what he did. I might post it later if people want to read it.

    Oh, and here is the full text from with the quote on parodius.com is based upon. It's from the admin of ZTNET. I'm not defending anyone here, I feel you have the right ot know.

    Sorry, I have no control over what they say to you. If they send threats to you, that is their business. Also, not to put too fine a point on it... when you directed the visitors to that material, did you do any reasonable checks
    to assure that minors were not viewing it? No? Don't forward any of this crap to me. This is your problem, not mine.



    Emulationzone.org did NOT turn into a porno site
    Despite the latest rumors, EmulationZone.Org has _not_ transformed into a porn site. Emulationworld.com, our host, was affected by a malicious “inside” attack. To make a long story short, the server pointed to by the secondary and alternate DNS entry for emulationzone.org was redirected to a porno site by the webmaster at http://www.parodius.com (Read the release below for more information.)

    If you read the release below, you find out that the cause of the attack was the fault of the admin. (Zac Williams, not Brahn.) Judging by what he has said, I can’t say that I defend his actions. Nevertheless, I consider this an unjust response by parodius.com. After all, what the hell did EmulationZone.Org do to them to deserve this?

    So now, we must respond to the people at http://www.parodius.com Should we boycott them, start an “anti-parodius.com” movement with button images or let the jerks be and do nothing at all? What do you think? I want to hear from you. Post your feelings on our message board at:


    Below is an explaination from the admin about what happened and why.

    If your site is not hosted at one of these domains, then you do not need to be concerned with this mailing.


    To start off with, I apologize to all those webmasters who have gotten e-mails saying they were directed to offensive content. The
    problem has been correted, and no further issues should be noticed.

    Explanation? It's quite simple really. DNS has a primary and secondary (and even additional servers) that contain information on
    how a site is accessed. On the domains listed above, the secondary DNS was in control by the DNS server ns.parodius.com
    (www.parodius.com). The webmaster there had brought this to my attention some time ago, and it was put on the back burner as I
    did not realize how important secondary DNS was. He finally got fed up with the many DNS requests being sent to his servers, that
    he decided to intercept them, and direct them to his webserver, and consequently redirect those HTTP requests to offensive
    material. In short, due to my lack of taking care of this DNS issue earlier, and to the acts of the parodius.com webmaster, a portion
    of your visitors were redirected to offensive material for approximatly 12-14 hours.

    Excuse? None whatsoever. I have let something go by, and you and your visitors have payed for it. All I can offer is a sincere
    apology, and I hope that you will forgive my slow action in resolving this before it became an issue like it did. Please, feel free to
    mail me at admin@ztnet.com if you have any questions, or if you want to rant. I can't go back and change it, but I will do my best
    to make sure that YOUR visitors realize that it was not the fault of YOU. This statement will also be posted at www.ztnet.com, for
    you to point any of your users to see.

    Once again, my sincere apologies to anyone who had to view the offensive material, and we hope you will continue to visit these
    sites, as they were not at fault, in any way, shape or form.

    - Zachary Williams