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    December Updates


    New Hacking Site Joins the 'Zone
    This is actually old news from Novemeber, but I never got around to posting it.

    The 'Zone would like to welcome NullAV and his Metriod Hacking Site. (Better name pending.) The site is new but should containt some goodies soon. The site can be found here:

    Metriod Hacking Site

    Big Changes to Occur at 'ZRN
    We at have some major changes to announce in regards to 'ZRN, our local radio network:

    Tssz|one moves to ‘ZRN –
    Tristan has decided to move his radio station off of Live365 and on to ‘ZRN. The move comes due to problems with Live365’s service. tssz|one will occupy the old ‘ZRN|Talk channel (Chan 5). Expect Tristan to continue his regular schedule of programming, including live new casts. (If you are interested in joining his news team, contact him at tristan at emulationzone dot org.)

    B/W Radio Discontinued –
    Andy Chantler and myself have come into an agreement that B/W Radio (AKA Fan Made Radio) is not getting nearly the traffic we hoped it would receive. As a result, it is being discontinued.

    tssz|two is born –
    Coming off B/W Radio’s cancellation, Andy Chantler has agreed to take over Tristan’s old Live365 station to create tssz|two. Plans are still a bit sketchy at the moment, but plans call for the creation of a more broad “original composition” station with a mix of other music.

    3rd Party Radio is formed –
    Occupying the old channel slot for B/W Radio will be 3rd Party Radio. The focus of this station will be play video game music that does not fit the themes of the other stations on ‘ZRN. This channel will be head by Rork64 and appears very enthusiastic about the station.