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    December Updates


    2 SNES Utilities Added
    Added 2 Utilities, Tiler and Sprite Editor 1.0. Made a new Image for myself, too :)

    SNES Main Page



    Genesis Music Page Added
    One of my Ideas for the new Console Makeover, I have added a Genesis Midi/wav/Mod page! A few games are there.
    Genesis Main Page



    ZSNES .988 added, New Desktop Picture
    Finally! I got my K6-2 300 (Which was free :)) I have had some problems with moving over the files, but theyre finally moved and I can get on with updating :) Zsnes .988 and my new desktop picture are added.


    Sonic Saver for MAC updated
    Sonic Saver, the Macintosh Sonic The Hedgehog screen saver, has been updated to version 1.0 today. All of the known crashing bugs have been fixed, so it is not longer considered beta. Get Sonic Saver for Macintosh

    New Job Positions Avaliable
    I combed through the site looking for job openings that have become vacant. We will need people to fill most of these positions in the near future as we plan to redo the structure of the site with PHP in the near future. For more information on what positions are available, please visit the
    Want Ads section of the site. If you want any questions on the job descriptions, be sure to email

    STJr. to Move to 'Zone
    Due to problems with their current host, Sonic Team Jr. (STJr.) will be moving to the 'Zone shortly. The new address will be
    > STJr is group devoted to providing Sonic the Hedgehog game clones.



    Translation Central Update; maintainer goes into temporary hiatus.
    Yup! With a new update to an otherwise disrepaired Translation Central, I have to leave my post for personal reasons, until I can found out what my future holds, at least. Read all about it at Translation Central.


    XSPC discontinued
    As a shock, Green Angel, the author of XSPC, has discontinued the XSPC project and has deleted his XSPC page from the 'Zone. He did not give me a reason as for why he decided to suddenly drop the ball on everything, considering that a major rehall to the XSPC interface was well into development.

    MTEK Section Up For Grabs
    Kaoslord has told me that he will no longer be able to head the
    Magictek RPG Research Facility (MTEK ) due to personal problems. If anyone out there who is a big RPG fan and would like to takeover the MTEK site in a manner you see fit, be sure to email NO CARRIER.