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    November Updates


    The Xbox Mod Happy hour
    If anyone has noticed for the last 3 weeks I have been doing almost no work on Xbox LIve wire. Why you ask? I have been doing extensive research into the xbox modding scene. Within the next couple of week i will be posting sections on how to mod your xbox,the legal issues with it, and how you can help the community. Before I do anything there is one catch. This is a very gray area and i do not want to be breaking rules. So at no time will anyone be asking me for binaries or I will just ignore them. Hopefully the xbox live wire staff (this includes just me) can enlighten you on this great community of xbox modding. Let the law suits begin at

    Xbox Live Wire


    Sega Forever: V
    Well it's the fifth year the site has been up. It was November of 1998 when I first made the page and most of that time it's been here at Emulation Zone. It has changed through the years and was never the success I thought it would be, but oh well.

    I'll try to have some new content up in the coming weeks.