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    December Updates


    My Desktop Pictures :)
    Heck, might as well post this, as some people were wondering about my desktop (Strange, but true). I have uploaded my most recent theme I made for Sip Shell and displayed it on the Genesis and SNES pages. I will try to update the picture once a week, for you people out there(and you KNOW who you are). If you want to download the Theme, just e-mail me (Its for SipShell, and I'm the only Person making themes for it :)) and I'll send you directions and the Theme.


    SNES and Genesis Pages Updated
    The SNES and Genesis Pages are updated to inclide a new side-bar for information on the choices and the middle for news. Also, SNES Emulators are updated.


    NES Maintainer Leaving
    Hello everyone. TommyBoy here.

    This will be my final update on EmulationZone. I am leaving the emulation scene... probably for good. There are many reasons for my leaving (some of which are personal). What I can tell you is that the emulation scene has lost it's luster, and is no longer appealing to me. Keeping up to date on emulation info (except for the latest ZSnes) is boring.... sad thing is, it never used to be.

    I want to thank all those people who helped me out, especially "No Carrier" for allowing me the opportunitiy to be a staff member here. I have learned a lot of stuff that will help me in the future. I want you to know I had a lot of fun. And "No Carrier" said that that's what it's all about really.

    Once again, thank you.
    And good luck to you all.

    Thomas Knight


    Hellmage refurbished and more!
    If you haven't visited hellmage in the last month then you don't know that we have just had a MAJOR overhaul.
    We have lots of great sections, including a revised rom hacking section, an RPG section and anime section.
    We need people to join to take various positions, like reviewing games and being in charge of an anime section, so if you are interested, mosey on down to hellmage!
    We will be getting lots of stuff on rom hacking soon, so hold on to your hats =).

    So what's the url? Well it's!

    Update Section Back Online
    If you havenít noticed, no one on the staff has made an entry into the update page in over a month, and for good reason! The script was down and I was too busy with schoolwork to play around with it to fix it! So, to help reduce future downtime, I replaced the Perl script used on that page with the one the admin of the server has supplied for us, which I am currently using for WEMU. Letís see how this one holds!