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    January Updates


    Tristan of TSSZ Interviewed by the Boston Herald
    Tristan, the head of operations for TSSZ and station operator for TSSZ|One, was recently interviewed by the Boston Herald. In it, Tristan talks about his website, TSSZ, and his recent FM radio venture. The article also talks about how video game music is starting to become a mainstream genre. You can view the article online by following the link below:



    New Motto
    The motto for the site has changed. It will no longer be “THE Site for the Technically Inclined Console Gamer since 8/28/96.” It will now be “Serving the console emulation and gaming communities since 8/28/96.”

    So, why the change? The change has been made to properly reflect what the ‘Zone is about. In the early years of the site, we really were a news and information source for people on the Internet. So, the original motto fit us well. Then we shifted focus and became more of a site that either hosted projects or started projects of our own. For the past 5 years, that is what the ‘Zone has been about.

    The ‘Zone, to this very day, continues to support develop of “internal” projects, or projects done by existing staff members. The door to host “outside” or non-staff member sponsored projects was shut-out for various reason, mainly because I did not have a system or the time to deal with hosting requests.

    Today, I would like to announce that in the coming weeks, the ‘Zone will return to its tradition and once again offer free hosting to outsiders whom are looking for a host to sponsor their projects. With such a move, my hope is that the ‘Zone will continue for many years to come.

    More information to come!



    Green Hill Zone Moves
    The Green Hill Zone (GHZ) has moved to its own sub-domain. It can now be found at


    Pixel Warehouse
    This is an announcement for a new project that I am undertaking. It's called
    Pixel Warehouse and will contain sprite rips from all sorts of platforms and genres. It's not complete right at this moment but it should be fully functional very soon.

    I welcome you to pay the site a visit.

    Eidolons-Inn has returned
    This piece of news is old, but Eidolons-Inn has returned. The new URL is http://www.eidolons-inn.net/