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    January Updates


    Xtended SPC Player Website Up
    The XSPC project might have been discontinued, but the website for it is back up. It was deleted after GreenAngle got feedup with it and deleted everything! You can grab the final version of XSPC from the offical website.

    Xtended SPC PLayer Website

    Please note that the project is discontinued, and that this is merely a revival of it's website.


    Added Dgen and Updated Screenshot, heck added GROM :)
    Man.....Fixing Y2k issues on 486's is PAINSTANKLY SLOW :) anyways, Updated Genesis Utilities and Added DGEN.

    Genesis Main Page


    Staff Slideshow Updated
    I finally got around to updating the Staff Slide Show. I also recompiled the applet using JDK. The result? Smaller class files! I don't know if it runs any faster though but load time should be shorter. Enjoy!
    Staff Slide Show Applet


    MacOS Knuxbine Update/Release!
    Knuxbine, the tool to combine Sonic And Knuckles rom's on a MACintosh has had a new release! Knuxbine 1.0 Lite is now out. This version is for any PPC users who cant meet the requirements of the full version. It also uses new combine code that is alot faster on older PPC macs. Well, enough chatter, you can read more about it on the
    Knuxbine for MAC page!


    What would you like changed/added to the 'Zone?
    Hello everyone. NO CARRIER here. The ‘Zone is in the mists of implementing some changes to our layout and possibly our format to better server you, our viewers. I won’t discuss what they are just yet since they are still in the drawing board. But I will say that if all goes well, the ‘Zone will have some welcoming changes that you will enjoy seeing!

    But, to make sure we are on the right tract, we need to know what you guys want! So, I would like to ask the viewers to stop by our
    message board and give us a few minutes of your time to tell us what you want to see. Voice your opinions on anything that comes to mind, from color scheme to layout schemes to whether or not we should change our structure to become more of news oriented site remain a techee oriented site.