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    32X At The E3 '98

    At the Sega booth during this year's E3 there was a Saturday Night Live comedian telling some very strange jokes. Most notably ones making fun of the 32X. How's that for entertainment?

    EGM's Short Obsession With the 32X

    During the first few months of the 32X's lifetime (about 6 months) EGM talked a lot about the 32X. Most of the talk was about how successful it should be and the new games. There were a whole bunch of jokes about how the editor kept on cursing from his office while trying to install the 32X and hookup all of the cables. My 32X EGM had a special "lightning section" with two letters. The first letter was about a guy who just bought a copy of Super Metroid, and was playing during a lightning storm when lightning struck his house melted his Super Metroid cartridge into his SNES. The second letter was from a guy who was playing on his Genesis/SegaCD/32X combo when lightning struck, blowing out the front of his television and frying the Genesis, the Sega CD, and the 32X. The letter went on with wines of how it had to blow all three of them, costing him a good $450 in damage. Ouch!

    Quick Fact

    Quick Fact: The only part of Sega that will tell you that the 32X was a mistake is Sega Europe.
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