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    So far no emulator that could do any bit of 32X emulation has been released, but I have high hopes that with the evolutions of emuluation and specifically Sega Saturn emulation that Saturn-32X crossovers will be found that will make a breakthrough in 32X emulation. I would also have hopes that someone might just reverse engineer the hardware to make a succesful emulator. Next Level shows some promise for 32X emulation, but we'll just have to wait and see.

    Joesph Fenton's General Sega Emulator by Joseph Fenton Last Version: none [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Joseph Fenton, the programmer who made Fusion, the Macintosh emulator, is starting a project to make a general Sega emulator for Genesis, 32X and Sega CD. Joseph's all pro so I've got pretty high-hopes for this emulator. I'll keep you informed here on developments.
    For PowerPC and AmigaPPC.

    CDX1 Emulator by Eek Last Version: .4 [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    This is Eek's latest attempt at an emulator. It is currently a Sega CD emulator, and he's planning on adding 32X support later on in the emu's development. Currently verison .4 doesn't do much, but version .5 should be able to run the Sega CD bios! I'll keep you updated.
    Version .5 coming soon!

    Next Level by Christian Fowler Last Version: 0.005? [Homepage] | [ScreenShot]

    Although the Sega CD portion of the emulator has been temporarily dropped the Sega Genesis 32X portion is still in development and much of the memory and SH-2 core have been completed. I am anxiously awaiting the next version of the emulator and I wish the Next Level team the best of luck!

    Last Updated: 11/26/98