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  • Top 5 Influential PC Emulators

    Remember The good old days of emulation, when emulators were just mainly emulating 1-2 games? Well, some emulators stepped up the competition and gave us all a nice, warm feeling when we used them for the first time. These are the Top 5, the creme de le creme of emulation. These emulators started a new, widespread following for emulation as we know it today.
    The 5th Most Influential Emulator - BLEEM!
    The hype that is Bleem! is mainly that, hype. This emulator started a new world of emulation on the PC for Playstation. Its only worthy competor, PSEMU, is a great emulator, but it just doesnt support as much as Bleem!. The reason Bleem! was hyped so much is because of Connectix. Their emulator was barred from shelves because of a Sony ruling. Bleem! has fought many battles from Sony, and it is STILL on shelves and is now becoming a widespread emulator, mainly because of the cracks everywhere. Bleem! wouldn't be in business if Sony wouldn't have fought it. And every battle they won, they updated the emulator. It is a great way to watch a great PSX emulator develop.

    The 4th Most Influential Emulator - Genecyst
    Genecyst started a wonderful world of Genesis emulation. It, and KGEN, were the starting points of the Genesis emulation revolution. Genesis just wasn't that emulated before Genecyst. KGEN was in its infancy, and sound emulation of Genesis just was AWFUL. Then the first release of Genecyst. Sound quality improved about 3 fold, and there were about the same games emulated for both. KGEN worked on its support for all games, emulating the processors fully. Bloodlust just made Genecyst more easy to use than KGEN, and it still is today. Soon, Genecyst had more and more games running than KGEN, and KGEN stopped development (with the only KGEN 98 release). Genecyst isn't perfect, but its sound is. :) It opened up a great number of fresh, new titles when the only emulation that was good was NESticle (which, incendently, was made by the same company ).

    The 3rd Most Influential Emulator - UltraHLE
    As much as I hate it, UltraHLE started the emulation disease of ROM sites as we know it today. UltraHLE was a good emulator, but it was NOT a really good project to watch. When ZSNES and PSEMU PRO were in development, the emulation gurus like me had fun watching a great program potential grow up to what it was supposed to be. UltraHLE was just released once, no fanfare, no development, no NOTHIN! The only good thing it did was emulate N64 games when nothing did at the time. Heck, even Mac users remember the great Virtual PC when it came out, and its many revisions. But there was nothing but stupid lamers promoting ROMS to download, but not having the audacity to think ahead to what this could do to the emulation community. Basically, UltraHLE started a new chapter in emulation: The illegal phase.

    The 2nd Most Influential Emulator - ZSNES
    ZSNES. Long ago, this ment slow, unoptimized code with almost no GUI. Now it is the most promenent SNES emulator in existence. When SNES9x ruled with the emulation, who would of thought zKnight and Pharos would have done what they did. Their first work, up to about .400, was buggy and slow. Only with .715 they were showing the world how fast SNES emulation could be. When SNES9x was cancelled, anyone who was using it was shocked: where are they going to get faster, better looking emulation of SNES? zKnight and Pharos stepped up to the plate and hit a homer with its emulator. We have all watched it grow up and mature. Maybe SNES9x will come back, and Maybe some of the other emulators will top the speed. But for now, ZSNES was, is, and I think ALWAYS will be the king of SNES emulation.

    The Most Infulential Emulator - NESticle
    When emulation was just Slow and BAD (consider iNES and the Old Snes9x), NESticle started the Rom sites that have plagued the many servers of the internet. 2 things were perfect about this emulator: The games were small, and the emulator was small! Also, at about .43, everything that in inside the NES was supported, down to perfect sound and perfect graphics. A few anomalies remain, such as Space Harrier(why not?) and garbled Punch Out(just work on THAT GAME PLZ :). Mostly, NESticle started a new chapter before the illegal phase we are in. It started the "cloning" phase. New NES emulators popped up for just about everything, such as fwNES(which is more compadible, but much slower) and loopynes(shows a LOT of promise). Still, for how MANY games are emulated and how small they are, its worth a try if you haven't already.

    Links to the emulators I talked about.
    Want to try some of these emulators? Just follow these links: