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    Lost EMUFAQ Articles

    If you are a regular to the emulation scene, then you must have heard of the excellent article entitled "EMUFAQ" written by someone known as "The Scribe". What makes the copy I present to you "lost"? Well, The Scribe was working on the EMUFAQ document, we queried many emulator site ops for info on his project, the 'Zone being one of them. I was given permission to post a mirror of his EMUFAQ site on the 'Zone. The layout of his articles were dry and he said it was ok to brush their layouts out.

    I passed the honor of posting these articles to a staff member of the 'Zone. He was working on a newbee information area entitled "EMUFAQ". Lucky me, the guy ended-up vanishing from his post without uploading the documents to the site. I was without my original copy of the docs, so I was out of luck. Fortunatly, after a massive hard drive clean-up, I found a copy of the email messages with The Scribe's EMUFAQ document attached to them. I am placing what I have online for all to share. They are of a somewhat older version, but I noticed that not every mirror of the Scribe's EMUFAQ has these files. Worth a look none the less.

    EMUFAQ Release Pak - 4 documents, including the timeline of emulation.

    The Nintendo Emulation FAQ v2.0 - A Commentary - A commentary about the FAQ on Nintendo's website concerning emulation.

    I have some other files as well. They might be older version of wha tI have, so I need to go through them first before I post them.