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    Reply to a Biased Time Magazine Article on Emulation

    The following is a copy of the message I sent to the editors of the online edition ofTime magazine. They had a heavily biased article on emulation, which related emulation to a bootlegger that was selling illegal copies of PSX games in New York.

    Hello, I'm Andy Wolan, founder of the Emulation Zone website.

    I am appalled by the fact that a magazine company as large of TIME did not bother to get the views and opinions of the respected people behind the "emulation scene." You portray us as a collection of sleazy no-go pirates whole should all go to jail. As a student majoring in computer engineering and science, I am insulted by the image you betray on us.

    The whole ordeal on console emulation on the PC began as an innocent challenge to do something that has never been done. That challenge was to invent a way to play our favor games from outdated gaming systems onto a machine that we all have. Writing and developing an emulator takes countless hours of effort and research to make. A great deal of innovation and creativity has generated to tackle this challenge, which is what attracted me into emulation in the first place.

    Recently, however, with the release of Virtual Game Station and (most notably) UltraHLE, the innocence of the "emulation scene" was lost. People that have been part of this community for years were not flattered by this emulator's release, nor did they welcome it. I myself understand the difficulty that goes behind in writing one, and I must say that the emulator they wrote was impressive. However, it was something that the general consensus, including myself, did not want to have been developed because of the potential hazard that could be generated by no good pirates, (whom we refer to as "lamers,") outside of our community.

    These "lamers" have recently overrun our community with nothing but demands for games and utter disrespect for our work. They have become as much of a nuisance and an eyesore as a neighbor that dumps trash on your front lawn in the middle of the night. They have given us founders a bad rap that we did not earn. After all, a group of people with our level of intelligence are not stupid enough to cut of the hand of the people that feeds (writes) the games that we admire.

    I suggest that next time that you dig deeper and look for the views and opinion from the real people behind the scenes, not from "lamers" or from a software pirate in New York.