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Staff Update
Aprentice, a co-maintainer for the WEMU page, has resigned from the 'Zone and from the emulation scene altogether. He stated that he was unhappy on how the emulation scene has started to obtain a rotten image and a currupt soul from all the lamers out on the web. He also stated that he does not want a part in it anymore. Well, take care Aprentice, and good luck to ya.



Sonic Headquarters Hits 100,000 Mark
Sonic Headquarters, one of the web's best and oldest Sonic the Hedgehog sites, has reached the 100,000 hit mark. (Actually, it reached it a few days ago.) If you haven't been there already, now is the time to go and see what you have been missing!
Sonic Headquarters


Translation Central Update
Translation Central has been updated with some news on TransBRC and their Dragon Ball Z (NES) translation, and I bid a sad farewell to RaeJae, a person who's helped me on the translation sections (and his NES trans section STILL looks better than my SNES section =-} ).
Translation Central

Console Nessesities Section Redone
After heavy recommendation by Manu, the 'Zone's old N64 maintainer, to fixup the Console Nessesities section, I decided to go forward and redo the whole thing from top to bottom. It's not 100% complete, but it's up and a 1000 times better then before! Basically, the section provides generial files and utilities that you may need on in the world of emulation. If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along. needed in order to get within the world of emulation. Thanks goes out to Manu and phachak for some suggestions and links.
Console Nessesities


Playstation Section Updated
I finally updated the Playstation area, and added a local copy of the bleem! demo that you can download. Sorry for taking so long, but I've only just recovered from having the flu for the last few days.
Playstation area


EMULinks Savestate Archive Added
Instead of taking it easy tonight, I decided to finsh-up the Save State listings section of EMULinks. Check it out! There are bonds to be a few sites that you are not aware of.
EMULinks Savestate Archive

TG16 emu page updated!
wow...psycos alive!! hehe yes im not dead i have had a few problems over the past month but all thats behind me now got me a new machine its not a power house or any thing but it will do! amd k62 400mhz =) any way im trying to get all my browser stuff and all my graphic apps loaded back on and hopefully do some reconstruction to the tg16 page...i would also like to point out i talked with andrew a while ago and i decided to drop the links project and just stick to the tg16 page! i did update the tg16 page emulators section im trying a new way to distribute the information via image maps its not as hard to find what your looking for and certainly not as jummbled up...hope you like the new format..if not im sure ill hear about it =P hehe OUT -=P§yco=-

SOSTH Theories
The Secrets of Sonic the Hedgehog page has been updated! Now there is a 'Theory' section.. submit your Secret Sonic Theories now!! HURRY!!!
Secrets of Sonic


'Zone Screen Saver Now Up!
Afew months ago, P§ycotron made a simple screen saver for the 'Zone! Since then, the screen saver was rotting away on my hard drive. It was never meant for a public release, just a demo to myself to see what P§ycotron was up to. After some debat, I have decided to post it. If you have any ideas on what we should add (view it first and download it first,) let us know.
'Zone Screen Saver (BETA)

Goodbye Everybody!
I'm announcing my resignation from the Emulation Zone. I've had lot's of fun here, and I'm gonna miss everybody (even the lamers who e-mailed me about roms). I would love to stay, but I've just been hired to head the Emulators for Macintosh section(s) for Zophar's Domain! Once again goodbye everybody, and good luck to my successor in NES translations.
NES Translations


SNES Translation page; Translation Central Updated!!
That's right, folks! Translation central has finally seen life after almost a month of, delays, Yes... =-} Anyhoos, enjoy the new goodies posted there, such as Magic Knight Rayearth and Phantasy Star Gaiden translations! Good fun for all! =-} TheFreak
Translation Central

Massage SaveState Archive
Nasumi, maintainer of the Sega Master System/GameGear console section, is starting quite possibly the first Massage SaveState archive on the net. If you have a savestate you wish to add, feel free email Nasumi at, or visit the site from the link below.
.MSD (Massage) Save State Archive


NESticle Movie Archive Reminder
Just a friendly reminder, if you are looking for a collection of quality NESticle format movie files, then pay a visit to Nevermind8's (that's his alias) NESticle Movie Archive, featuring over 130 movies to download. All of which were created by NES game fans from around the web!
NESticle Movie Archive


Emulation Reality TakeOver
}-Ranjae-{ was overwelmed by the responce generated by Emulation Reality page. He has decided to call it quits for now for various reasons. I will be taking over the section shortly. The page will be put in "hybernation mode", because (1) Nintendo has dropped its lawsuit against the UltraHLE team, and (2) Sony lost their legal battle with Connectix. But, if the need arrises, expect the page to be back in full force once again!!!
Emulation Reality


Sonic Stuff Research Group News
If you havn't been to the Sonic Stuff Research Group page is awhile, then your missing out on alot of really neat stuff! 2 new staff memebers have joined the team: Simon Wai (Sonic 2 BETA finder) and Damian Grove, an authoritive figure in Sonic 2 cart hacking. (He also runs and maintains the Sonic 2 Cart Hacking Page, which is constantly being updated.)
We also have added information about an alternate Sonic 3 level select, provided by Bryan Bird. And finally, all the links on the page to other pages have been updated, add, removed, etc. Unfortunatly, I didn't get the time to update the S&K "Lock-On trick page. I will, hopefully soon. Check it out!
Sonic Stuff Research Group

Hello Everyone!
Just thought I'd take this opportunity to test out the new auto-update page. My name is Paul Jensen, and I'm the author of gym2mid, a program that converts Genecyst sound log files to MIDI format. I'm a freshman in college, and my studies include art, music, and Japanese (nihongo ga wakaru?). I've been around since the early days of console gaming (anyone for a round of Combat?), and I'm still hanging on tightly. Feel free to stop by the gym2mid page or send me a love note (ladies only, please).
gym2mid Home Page


Translation Mirror Addition Started
I decided to go ahead and start setting-up the the translation mirror of the site, regardless of the fact that it doesn't work right from remote. I have a few tricks left, maybe I'll strike gold. Anyhow, not much is up, but expect to see it materialize on the site over the next few days.
Translation Mirror Section Screen

Some stuff from Geechyguy
Well, if you haven't guessed already, I'm Geechyguy. I'm handling the article writing and finding for WEMU. Currently, you can find all the articles at my page (The Emulation Newstand), but eventually, they will also be available at the main WEMU page. If you want to reach me, you can either email me at (as is mentioned on the staff page) or at Also, another little thing about the staff page: don't trust my name on it. It's spelled incorrectly (common error, forgot the y in the middle). The name's Geechyguy, not Geechguy. So with that said, I guess there's nothing much else to really say, except that I'll have a new article tomorrow. Cya around.
The Emulation Newstand


WinModems Suck! Part II
I got a disturbing message from David Acklam about a horrible new tread in the computer industry to make peripherials cheaper. Appearerly, WinModems are only the beginning. Expect to see WinScanners and WinPrinters shortly. Has the world gone mad? What about the huge new wave of Linux users, is the computer industry purposly giving all Linux users the middle fingure on new releases of peripherials? I know the companies are cutting costs to make things cheap, but please, find another way.



Lets get started!
Grimm here. Well It's my 2nd post so here goes. I'm thinking up ideas for the Newbie page (aka the EMU FAQ) and i'm coming up blank. So, lets hear some ideas people. What would you like to know? What should the newbies know? Lets try and beat Classicgaming and their little list, and really do something cool. I'll try and post a temp page this weekend. In the mean time, the email is now open so if anyone has questions about emulation, just email:
Emu FAQ(down)

TI-Calculator Site Updated
The TI-Calculator Emu site has been updated with a new format. I need some people to help me out with the page. If you would like too send me an email at .
TI-Calculator Emu

NeoGeo Page Updated!
Minor update to NeoGeo page, check it out, small problem with info on NeoRAGE, current official version doesn't have sound! This will be fixed soon!

Tv Simulator in the works!!!
I am working on a Tv SIMULATOR. Currently my goal is to simulate a Tv and add my own custom built channels. This is a very Complex Project and is coded in Visual Basic 6.0. This Tv simulator was originally built-in with a word processor I made (its still in the works). The Tv simulator is in the Very early stages and no it will not run real channels (maybe in the future). Here are the current Status for the Tv Simulator: Grafix on Tv Screen = 0% Sound = 5% (Only Sampled snow sounds) Remote Control = 30% Interface = 50% Overal (without interface)= 13% Wanna Join the Project? Contact: State which program you wanna work on: Word Processor, Tv Simulator I will also answer Questions. *note* You will need Visual Basic to join P.S. If you are a vb programmer and need basic help contact me (I can help or even join you :))


WinModems Suck!
If you don't know this already, learn it now! I bought a 3com (USR) 56k Winmodem last year because it had telephony features, a "brand name", and was somewhat cheap. There is a reason why it's cheap: it relies on your main CPU to perform most of its work, which was something I was kinda willing to live with. But there were ALOT more things that made me wish I just took my chances with some other company.

The modem itself required alot more CPU then I expected. Ex: my PC would freeze for 3 secs whenever I tried to dial-out or hang-up. It gets very annoying after awhile. If you think that's bad, its gets worse, ALOT worse.

The modem is plug-and-"prey", and I do mean "prey", because I haven't seen an ISA based device auto-config" itself without have you to reconfigure all your other cards in the process. I was lucky enough to get the modem working by just "plugging" the modem in the machine, and installing the software. But I had to disable all my other COM ports so the software could find it. (I have a bus mouse, so no big deal.) Sounds easy eh? Hit reboot and see what happens.

The modem only worked part of the time. The dam modem kept forcing a ROM checksum error at boot-up at random intervals, which required me to reprogram the BIOS. (hard drive sizes, except.) Sometimes, the machine would just freeze just when its about to begin loading win95. The only way around this was to physically remove the mode from the machine. If I didn't, it would freeze again and again and again........
Once the machine booted-up, I had to shut-down via Win95, and then reinstalling it into the machine, reinstall the software, and hope it Win95 recognized it.

I got to the point where I could get the dam thing to work anymore. So, I called USR and demanded a refund. The forced my to go though an hour long debug session to get the modem working ON MY TIME. (NO 1-800 number) We got it to work after an hour of BS registry editing. They had no explanation for the error and suggested that I assign new IRQ and Dma channels to all my ISA devices. (Ya, "easy-to install", eh?) They also said I can't send it back for a refund now that they "proven" that it indeed worked and it was a customize satisfaction issue now. (Wankers.)

A day later, it fucked-up again. Don't ask what happened to it. I'll leave that to your imagination. :-) Now, I'm out of 70$ , so, I when back to my trusty 28.8k modem instead. Everything is fine now. I just bough a new external voice modem (non-WinModem) this week that costed about as much as the other internal peice-of-crap costed. But, unlike the other, it doesn't screw-up my PC.

The point I want to make is, ALL ISA Winmodems are illogical. I should know, I worked at an ISP answering questions like "why won't my WinMOdem work." (I remember some employees telling customers to get a "real" modem.) There is just no way to deal with them directly, except for doing some registry editing, which I'm not going to do. The scary thing is, it is getting harder and harder to get a none WinModem voice modem nowadays. In fact, all PCI modems are Winmodems. (A good use of the PCI bus, eh?) Do what I did, get an external modem. At the moment, it seems safe, and the telephony features work great. But they'll figure out how to make it am external "WinModem" sooner or later, so act fast!

Oh, another thing, 3COM (USR) WINMODEMS SUCK!

Show Slideshow Applet Added
Do you want to see how the 'Zone staff looks like, but don't feel like sifting through a page full of links? How does a homemade Java applet sound? If it sounds tempting, visit the link below. It's a groovy applet that I wrote that uses a "Sonic the Hedgehog"ish approach to swipe between images.
Staff Slide Show

'Zone Update Page Revealed
Last week, we introduced everyone our newly automated news section. Today, we reveal our automated Updates Section of the page! Just like with the WEMU news page, the 'Zone staff will be able to post updates to the "updates" page without having to pass the word first to the Updates section maintainer. The automated page also allows us to pass the word of an update as soon as one is done! The coding to handle both sections were written by resident CGI programmer, Rand, and customized by NO.CARRIER.
Recent Updates